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2012 brings more of the good girls versus the bad in music

We don’t seem to know how we like them. With contemporary female artists, there seems be a spectrum of innocence and promiscuousness, and we sort of like to put a singer on one end or the other. The good girl charms us into adoration, while the bad girl shocks us until we find ourselves listening […]

Bands trump singers and take over country music genre

When it comes to country music, icons such as Toby Keith, Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood come to mind. These performers engage audiences with their sweet, crooning voices backed by that unmistakable Western twang packaged nicely to make lighters wave in the air while fans sing along. And those icons have always been the most […]

American Idol hype does not equal success

For those who haven’t tapped into the reality television world for a few years, a quick glance at the TV Guide listings can come as a bit of a shock. Survivor is still on the air? I’ve been asking that same question every new season for the last 10 years. It’s amazing how repetitive reality […]