REVIEW: I Called Him Morgan is a tragic tale of love and jazz

Throughout history, there have been various couples in the music industry who have captured the public eye — John Lennon and Yoko Ono immediately come to mind, and which fan of Kurt Cobain has not heard of Courtney Love? Most casual music fans today, however, would not know of Lee and Helen Morgan, the couple […]

REVIEW: Moana tells inspiring feminist story

It is easy to envy the little girls growing up under this new vein of animated Disney movies where archery is a vital skill, sisterhood replaces true love’s kiss and a teenage girl sails into the unknown to bring hope back to her kingdom. In Brave, Frozen and now Moana, there is no more talk […]

Loving is sweet, but ultimately hollow

Based on the historical Supreme Court ruling Loving v. Virginia, which legalized interracial marriage, Jeff Nichols’ new film Loving tells the story of Richard and Mildred Loving, the case’s defendants and the couple whose love for each other became a landmark victory in the fight for civil rights. It is evident that Nichols, who both […]

REVIEW: ‘Arrival’ discusses a tale of human-alien interaction

Films come and go often, and audiences move on quickly from one film to the next without much thought. Rarely does a film completely shock, unexpectedly impress and profoundly move audiences. This is the case for the 2016 science fiction film Arrival. Arrival tells the story of a linguistics professor, Louise (Amy Adams), whose expertise […]

The Girl on the Train remains faithful to novel

In 2015, Paula Hawkins thrilled the world with the novel The Girl on the Train. A year later, the popular novel was adapted to film. The Girl on the Train tells the story of an alcoholic divorcee who attaches herself to a web of mystery after the disappearance of a young housewife. The film stars […]