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Staff favorites: Latinx-led films and shows

In celebration of Latinx Heritage Month, Daily Trojan staff members and editors have selected their favorite Latinx-led films and TV shows.

REVIEW: Split thrills with its dark plot and horror

M. Night Shyamalan has had a mixed history in film. His career has seen many ups and downs, including commercial and critical hits (Signs and The Sixth Sense) as well as egregious missteps (The Last Airbender). After a few unsuccessful years, Shyamalan redeemed himself with the release of the 2015 film The Visit. The Visit, […]

Project Greenlight’s Effie Brown addresses male privilege

A couple weeks ago, news outlets circulated a video depicting a disagreement between Matt Damon and film producer Effie Brown on the HBO reality series Project Greenlight. This reality show centers on a group of professionals, including Damon and partner Ben Affleck, awarding an aspiring director $3 million in order to make his or her first […]