COLUMN: Oakland’s move is a betrayal of its fanbase

If it seems like I’ve written this column before, it’s because I have — twice. When the St. Louis Rams moved to Los Angeles last year, I said it was a bad idea. When the San Diego Chargers also relocated to the City of Angels earlier this year, I said the same. I’m going to […]

COLUMN: USC has improved but hasn’t yet arrived

It’s funny how sports can sometimes work as a metaphor for life — in that everything seems to balance out. For the USC men’s basketball team, it’s the fact that they are neither as good as their 14-0 start nor as bad as their recent losses against three top-ranked teams followed by a debacle at […]

COLUMN: Upcoming game vs. UCLA will show USC basketball’s worthiness

USC men’s basketball’s win over UCLA at home last month prompted nothing short of euphoria for Trojan hoops fans. It was the perfect storm: Not only had the Trojans toppled their archrivals, but it was also the fourth straight win over UCLA, a top 10 team with national championship aspirations. Coupled with football’s back-to-back blowout […]

COLUMN: Newfound success is fuel for the Trojan fire

Last September, on a damp, dreary Friday night in Salt Lake City, Clay Helton squeezed into a tiny room in the bowels of Rice-Eccles Stadium after a devastating, nail-biting loss — one that dropped his team to 1-3 — and answered questions from the media. The head coach lamented how the win slipped away, how […]

COLUMN: Obama’s departure is sad day for sports

Yesterday was former President Barack Obama’s final day in office and — regardless of where you fall in the political spectrum — a sad day for sports fans across the country. Of the few presidencies I’ve lived through, no commander in chief has been as involved and as knowledgeable about the world of sports as […]