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COLUMN: Rose Bowl still tastes sweet one week later

It’s now over a week since it happened. The college football season also officially ended Monday, after Clemson completed a comeback that rivals even ’SC’s. We’ve even had a couple of Trojans declare for the NFL draft already, adding a bittersweet touch to an otherwise perfectly rosy season. It’s now perfectly acceptable for Trojan fans […]

Trojans still have a shot at greatness

I still have lingering disappointment from the 2006 Rose Bowl. I probably always will, as will any lifelong USC football fan. With maybe the best team ever in college football, USC couldn’t cap its reign of dominance with the national championship it deserved. The loss almost overshadowed the previous two national championships. But it was OK, […]

Helton, Petersen are both good fits

Today, I was given the impossible task of writing something in a newspaper not relevant or related to the election. So I’m writing about the only thing almost as interesting and important as choosing our next president: choosing the head coach of USC football, of course. I’ve been wrong plenty of times in my four […]

Greatness of Jackson may be gone soon

It feels way too early to already be saying this. It’s just speculation at this point, and nothing about USC football is ever that predictable. Besides, you may even be staying in town over Thanksgiving break to watch the Trojans’ final home game against Notre Dame. But this Saturday will likely be the last time […]

It’s time for a change at Galen

In early November, USC students will have the chance to make a decision of monumental importance. We live in a land of great opportunity, with unprecedented access to resources. Yet, we have fallen short of reaching our full potential. We must now choose a representative, symbolizing our highest ideals and capable of bringing us together. […]

Debate of paying athletes continues

One of the greatest traditions in all of college football is the College GameDay poster. ESPN’s classic traveling Saturday preview show at whatever campus is deemed host to the biggest game that week always inspires fans to get creative in their attempts to land on TV. Whether it’s the Ole Miss fan proclaiming “Nick Saban […]

Arizona trip cues reflection on college

On Aug. 9, I logged onto Facebook. Not for no reason, though. I was interning in D.C. and checking to see if my flight home that weekend would get me to Los Angeles in time for my roommate Weston’s 21st birthday party. We had his whole semester abroad that past spring to catch up on […]

Davis is giving Trojans big boost

Most times when I hear the term “Century Mark” around USC, people are referring to Instagram. You know it’s been a good weekend when your picture from gameday gets more than 100 likes, and you know you’ve made it at the school once you can consistently hit that plateau. Justin Davis is redefining what it […]

Helton is deserving of a fair chance

Now that we’ve had a couple of days to digest a furiously frustrating loss to Utah this past weekend, I’d like to throw in one more perspective on what happened before fans shift their focus to ASU. Yes, USC blew it. Yes, this is one the Trojans really needed in divisional play, and is one […]

Darnold can spark the rest of the season

Football head coach Clay Helton made sure to emphasize that his original starting quarterback should not be a scapegoat. There are plenty of reasons why the 2016 Trojan football team has not gotten off to the start or shown the potential that it is capable of. USC’s problems include discipline on penalties, focus on missed […]