When ‘creeping’ on co-workers, keep as stealthy as possible

Since the advent of Facebook, the term “creeping” has become rather mainstream. For all you non-stalker types, Facebook creeping generally involves adding someone as a friend, browsing all 863 of their tagged photos, committing their favorite quotes to memory and then performing an advanced Google search on anyone you suspect could have been his or […]

Make nice with your office neighbors

Office buildings tend to be more like condominiums than your standard, single-family suburban homes in that the workspace is often divided into small parts and shared by many different families or in this case, businesses. Even well-established companies often lease plots of cubicle space to smaller companies, which often become their annoying neighbors. So, it […]

Better late than never does not apply in the working world

Since elementary school, our elders have tried to instill in us the value of punctuality. Although unpacking your backpack and starting your in-class assignment before the first bell rang was rarely rewarded, showing up late was all-too-frequently grounds for disciplinary measures: a proverbial slap on the wrist, a dreaded “tardy” marring your otherwise perfect attendance […]

Climbing up the corporate ladder

Part of working in an office is respecting, or at the very least recognizing, the hierarchy of the workplace. Especially as a young person trying to climb the corporate ladder, you must check your ego at the door and accept your role and your responsibilities, no matter how ignoble they may be. In some professions, […]

Staff disappearances often remain mysteries

Maybe it’s because I haven’t worked in many offices in my 20 years. Or maybe it’s because movies like Jerry Maguire fooled me into believing that every employee’s farewell is public and theatrical. It turns out I was wrong on both counts. In fact, there wasn’t so much as a memo, quick phone call or […]

Office dating a recipe for disaster

Love in the workplace is usually frowned upon — and for good reason. Innocent flirtation and casual eye sex with a foxy coworker can be fun and harmless. Intraoffice dating, however, is an occupational hazard destined to end in catastrophe. While the ill effects of the office relationship are widely known, even the best and […]

Office socials bring the unexpected

Office parties have a reputation of being a little — okay, a lot — on the awkward side. To borrow a line from Tina Fey’s cinematic masterpiece Mean Girls, these after-hours gatherings are like “seeing a dog walk on its hind legs.” Once the attorneys loosen their ties and take down their hair, things stop […]

Workplace gossip nears modern tabloid sensationalism

When a number of people are confined to the same workspace, the office rumor mill starts churning out gossip at a rate that puts professional blabbermouths like Perez Hilton to shame. While the gossip is occasionally made up of harmless, passing comments like, “Oh dear God, did you see what so-and-so wore to that meeting?” […]

Proper office attire a must in working world

Anyone who works in the world of 9-to-5 professionalism is forced to abide by a dress code with some basic rules that apply to employees all the way from Little Rock to the Big Apple. In many offices — my New Jersey law office included — the attire is set as “business casual.” The term […]