COLUMN: Pushing one’s limits is necessary for runners

Every senior in college has a few of those moments when they suddenly realize that things that happened in high school happened a very long time ago. I have a well-worn shirt from my glory days on the high school cross country team that is more than five years old. I’m not sure if I […]

COLUMN: Difficult training reaps its rewards

My friends and I are currently training for a half-marathon in April. Our team name is a joke, but we’re definitely taking our training semi-seriously. Last week was the first time we ran more than five miles, and it’s the first time all year that I’ve felt a little apprehensive about running. I know that […]

COLUMN: Runners should not dread the treadmill

It’ll probably be raining by the time this goes to print, which means everyone will skip their Friday classes and either stay in watching Netflix or contemplate going to the gym. It’s always a toss-up at the Lyon Center on rainy days. On the days I brave the precipitation for a gym session, I spend […]