USC’s schedule sets up favorably

Surely by now you’ve heard a multitude of reasons why No. 3 USC will have a successful season. Barkley this, Woods that, Marqise Lee, the linebackers, Kiffin, whoever films practice or some little future Trojan in the 70th row of the Coliseum is contributing to its success. Well here’s one more. It’s something that affects […]

College football playoff is imminent

Let’s get this out of the way: We’re going to see a playoff in college football. Not this year or even next year, granted. But at some point in the future — and it’s not all that far off — we’re going to see it. Since January, Bowl Championship Series leaders have been discussing the […]

Women of Troy look tournament-worthy

Résumés don’t lie. Well, not most of the time. Through the first 17 games of this season, the USC women’s basketball team has compiled a 10-7 overall mark in spite of playing the third- toughest nonconference slate in the country, according to The Women of Troy, who are 5-2 in Pac-12 play, are also […]