COLUMN: Collegiate athletes at Olympics deserve pay

On Monday, the latest UCLA star announced an early departure from the athletics program. It wasn’t for the NFL or the NBA Draft. Instead, it was redshirt freshman Mallory Pugh — a star forward for the U.S. soccer team who debuted in the Olympics at the age of 17 — making the headlines. On Monday […]

COLUMN: Tri-nation World Cup is exciting prospect

On Monday, the soccer federations of Mexico, Canada and the United States unveiled a plan for an unprecedented bid — a proposition for a joint hosting between three countries for the 2026 World Cup. It’s always a risky move to propose something that’s never been done before. On one hand, this proposal could be the […]

COLUMN: Successful hockey boycott is promising

On Monday, the U.S. women’s hockey team reached the semifinals of the World Championships, knocking out Finland 5-3 to earn a top seeding. The win wasn’t necessarily a surprise for the Americans, who entered ranked No. 6 in the world against their unranked opponents. But its occurrence so close to Equal Pay Day was a […]

COLUMN: Illogical play-in hindered Trojans

When the Trojans’ run in the NCAA tourney ended on Sunday, I wasn’t surprised. But I was disappointed — not in the team, but in its seeding. The majority of NCAA seeding is a complete mystery. It’s fairly obvious that the top four teams should take the No. 1 seeds and the rest should work […]

COLUMN: Loyalty is a sticky subject in pro sports

We were sitting in the downtown Las Vegas Krispy Kreme when my friend Maddie received the unfortunate news via text alert on her phone. “Not Boogie!” The yelp of desperation came as somewhat to a surprise to me. Maddie is a sports fan, but she exists at a different intensity of emotion when it comes […]

Curry has shaken up collegiate basketball

I used to think Steph Curry ruined basketball. He was too much of a show-off. He sank those deep-ball 3-pointers that arced high enough to kiss the rafters of Oracle Arena before splashing without even skimming the rim. His touch was special enough or just downright lucky enough to ensure success for his Golden State Warriors, […]

COLUMN: Ventura’s death reminds us to cherish sports and life while we can

Nothing lasts forever. That’s true of many things, but nowhere is it truer than in sports. Dynasties, winning streaks, losing streaks and healthy quarterbacks — they’re all cut short eventually. The Curse of the Billy Goat at Wrigley Field collapsed this year, and Connecticut’s 94-game run will someday come to an end. Even Steph Curry […]