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COLUMN: Pushing one’s limits is necessary for runners

Every senior in college has a few of those moments when they suddenly realize that things that happened in high school happened a very long time ago. I have a well-worn shirt from my glory days on the high school cross country team that is more than five years old. I’m not sure if I […]

COLUMN: Podcasts: The perfect runner’s playlist

People are literally born with the ability to run. As exhausting as running a few miles sounds, the most difficult part of the sport is actually the mental aspect. Sure, there are no plays and no rules to memorize, but it does require strategy, mental toughness and above all, the ability to fend off boredom. […]

Learning through distance running

If you saw me hobbling around campus on Monday looking as stiff as the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz, it’s because I ran the LA Marathon this weekend — and I did it without really training. In my defense, it’s been a really busy semester. As these are my last few months as […]

Themed runs gain popularity

Have you ever felt the need to run a race at night covered in neon powder? No? Well, to be honest, I didn’t either up until a week ago. As a result of plenty of Facebook advertising and a post from a friend, the Blacklight Run caught my attention. Black lights are pretty cool. They […]

Holiday weather offers students quirky workout opportunities

With Thanksgiving gone and winter holidays quickly approaching, it’s an ominous time for fitness and health. Cold weather, a surplus of baked goods and an atmosphere of vacation are more than enough to keep college students curled up in blankets and sweaters, drinking hot chocolate and not thinking about exercise. Health more than likely isn’t […]

A runner’s guide to the best routes near campus

USC’s campus is home to countless runners. Some choose to run on the track; others utilize the Lyon Center’s generous facilities; still others prefer to run outdoors around campus. For years, USC has had a reputation for being a less-than-desirable surrounding area. Many runners chose not to run around campus or the surrounding neighborhoods. But […]