Tips for traveling while abroad

All your bags are packed, you’re ready to go — or are you? Traveling to a new city might seem simple enough, but having a plan can mean the difference between a good vacation and a great vacation. Upon recently returning from the first weekend trip of my semester abroad, I’ve found that some of […]

Black Friday poses moral and economic threat

The shoppers are at it again. This year’s Black Friday weekend surpassed last year’s record-breaking retail revenue of $52.4 billion, with Reuters recording $1 billion in online sales the first day alone. According to the Los Angeles Times, 247 million shoppers spent a total of $59.1 billion just this weekend—yet another record. As great as […]

Vintage store celebrates contemporary and retro fashion

Every time a girl realizes she must attend another outing, another date or anything in between, the search for the perfect outfit is on. And when it comes to dress hunting, the situation is even stickier. Oftentimes finding the perfect dress proves nearly impossible, but fashion figure Shareen Mitchell makes it easy. The vintage curator, […]

Quirky finds flourish at Time Travel Mart

The average person’s life consists of a lot of shopping: roaming the aisles of stores for groceries, clothes, appliances and furniture, and repeatedly doling out money. But the city would be too boring if all the stores in it were just for basic necessities. And if any one store could counteract the everyday shopping experience, […]