Chinese Censorship of Feminism

Following the Women’s March on Washington and its sister marches around the world, Chinese women were noticeably absent from the international media spotlights. This is because street protests and demonstrations that “promote falsehoods” are illegal in China, and the Chinese government has a history of cracking down and retaliating against public events and figures that […]

AI, Technology, and Sexism

Why is Siri female? Apple’s personal assistant on its devices has a voice that is distinctly female. We order Amazon Echo’s Alexa to perform the tasks that the we want. Microsoft’s Cortana, Google’s S Voice and countless other voice command software in GPS navigation systems, apps and websites are all programmed as female. There’s a […]

Trump’s Gag Rule and How it Affects Women Worldwide

One of the many executive orders signed by President Donald Trump during his first week in office: a global “gag” rule, sometimes called the Mexico City policy, that denies US aid to any non-governmental organization that provides abortion services for women. The origins of the rule date back to the Reagan era, where the then-president’s […]

Mass Molestations in Bangalore

On New Year’s Eve in Bangalore – a city considered to be one of the most modern and cosmopolitan areas in India – photos and live footage of mass molestations of women were captured and publicized, attracting the attention of international news outlets. Despite a dispatch of a 1500-member police force to contain the incident, […]

Gender Day at the 22nd UN Climate Change Conference

During last week’s 22nd UN Climate Change Conference, world leaders convened in Morocco to make progress on the commitments made in the Paris Climate Agreement. This conference, however, had a new item on the agenda. For the first time, the UN formally responded to the need for a serious consideration of women’s issues to form […]

The Problem with My High School Reading List

Reading fiction has been my escape ever since I was young. With most of my childhood spent as an only child, my evenings were usually quiet affairs: I’d have my nose stuck in a book next to the fireplace while my parents’ nightly news on the TV provided ambient background noise. Entire universes opened up […]