Ethical Halloween costume ideas

Around this time last year, after laying around in my pajamas all day struggling to conceptualize a creative Halloween costume, the idea suddenly came to me. Inspired by the grunge scene of veganism, I decided to take an ethical stand for the environment and animals by dressing up as a goth vegan. The construction of […]

No fur or leather: Wear your own skin this fall

As fall comes into full swing, chunkier fashion pieces, such as leather boots and wool sweaters, are being resurrected from closets. Even though Los Angeles weather — which barely drops below 60 degrees at night — doesn’t necessarily insinuate the need to wear thermal garments, keeping up with fall fashion is paramount (to most fashion-savvy […]

Ringing in 5777: Be a superhero for animals this New Year

The 10 holiest days of the year are among us, Jewish Trojans. This past Sunday, the first night of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, marked the start of the High Holy Days. In addition, this coming Wednesday, the break of the fast on Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, will conclude this period. These 10 […]

The intimate relationship between meat and masculinity

In the ancient Greek mythological text, Theogony, Hesiod narrates the coming of Gods into the universe that was originally in a state of chaos. Within this chaos comes a series of stable, analogous, mutually constitutive antitheses. These antitheses — night vs. day, human vs. divine and disorder vs. order (to name a few) can be […]

More than just a lifestyle: my path to embracing veganism

Bougey juice bars inhabited by Los Angeles’ swankiest hipsters, crunchy eateries packed with heavily pierced and tattooed rebels, and nature preserves encompassed by (high) tree-hugging hippies — these are some of the typecasts of vegans. Regardless of these awfully true stereotypes, veganism is trending for a variety of palpable reasons — mainly its unparalleled ethical, […]