Trojan Postcards: Visiting India After a Semester Abroad

Last December, I watched as my roommates eagerly packed before they set off to spend their vacation at home. I couldn’t help but feel sad that I wasn’t. Staying away wasn’t new to me. I had lived independently before — for education and for work — away from the comfort of family. Looking back, moving […]

Trojan Postcards: L.A. Beach Guide

  Los Angeles is perhaps one of the best cities to experience the quintessential endless summer in Southern California. With miles of picturesque coastline from Malibu to the South Bay, it has some of the best oceanfront getaways for beach bums. Beaches in Los Angeles are for those who enjoy sun-bathing, surfing, swimming, water skiing, […]

Trojan Postcards: New Year’s in New York

Signing off 2016 had to be special. Going back to grad school, moving continents away from family — 2016 was a year of life-changing decisions for me, and it was all quite overwhelming. Winter break couldn’t have been more welcome! I took the chance to reconnect with my closest family in this country and enjoy a […]