Walking Dead serves as metaphor for reality

When it comes to the subject of supernatural phenomena, producers have moved in quite a few different directions. There are the romantic, sexualized vampires that seem more interested in finding potential mates than sucking blood, which supposedly is their natural instinct. And there are glamorized witches and wizards from series such as Sabrina, the Teenage […]

Modern romance books lack heart

The romance genre currently faces a bit of a conundrum. Mass-market paperbacks offer readers “sweeping tales of love,” but their covers often flaunt top-heavy women curled up on four-poster beds. Colorful hardbacks boast moonlit silhouettes of shirtless men crouching in bedroom windows but still promise “genuine romance.” This, scream the Fabio-inspired illustrations, is the 21st-century […]

Zombie flick looks to score a touchdown

Historically, the Super Bowl weekend has always been one of the weaker weekends of the year for films simply because so many people, particularly men, are watching the big game. Last weekend wasn’t the worst, with the No. 1 film Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters beating expectations by being so bad it’s good while the […]