The State of Play

Stuart Carson

Stuart Carson is a rising senior writing about the intersection of sports, politics and American society. His column, “The State of Play,” typically ran every other Wednesday.

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The State of Play: Sports shatters the barrier between politics and ordinary life
Athletes can no longer be apolitical in their arena — the state of play depends on how the state addresses human rights.

The State of Play: For better and for worse, Goodell’s apology reveals a lot about America
For starters, Goodell’s admission of the league’s guilt and condemnation of racism means that Americans’ general attitudes toward race might finally be changing for the first time in a long time.

The State of Play: American society should not strive to be just like Mike
However, the more I read about Michael after watching the series’ last episode, the more I realized that I was wrong. Michael Jordan was a badass, yes, but what “The Last Dance” fails to honestly explore is the fact that Michael, by many accounts, was a tyrannical bully.

The State of Play: Recapping the semester in sports, politics and American society
What I’m saying is that in sports, unlike in politics, you can’t pull a fast one over your fans. Whether it’s on the field or on the court, failure and incompetence are on display for all to see, and no amount of bullshit will ever cover it up.

The State of Play: Bernie Sanders was the president that baseball needed
Say what you will about Medicare for All, free college or Castro-era literacy programs, but when it comes to sports alone — that singular unifying aspect of American life that both coastal elites and red-state rednecks can bond over— Sanders was your man.

The State of Play: Sports still offers us a temporary reprieve from the disheartening flood of coronavirus coverage
Here are three virus-free sports stories you might’ve missed since American public life was upended.

The State of Play: Like the athletes we admire, we must not panic when it matters most
But in this incredibly precarious moment, please look back at some of the clutch examples set forth by some of basketball’s best and remember — do not panic.

The State of Play: Politics and sports have always mixed
First, sports does intersect with politics — quite often, actually — and second, this intersection serves a crucial function in American life.

The State of Play: In light of SB LIV ratings, Iowa turnout is worrisome
Unfortunately, unlike Super Bowl LIV, where the NFL orchestrated a flawless halftime show and succeeded in making droves of straight white males feel like strong, independent Latinx women, the Iowa caucuses were a disaster.

The State of Play: Reconciling Kobe’s legacy
We must remember Kobe’s legacy in its entirety.