In Los Angeles, there are two sides to every bowling alley

They are the few, the proud, the straight-from-work. They strut through the glass doors, custom gear in tow, while employees greet them by name, lowering their heads in deference. They are the mighty Shatto Knights and they are damn good at bowling. A recreational league that competes on a weekly basis, the Knights come to […]

A Warped History

In movies, music, art and television, there are no such things as good ideas. Well, there are, but a good idea is one you hardly remember. Great ideas, however, are the ones you’ll never forget. For Vans Warped Tour creator Kevin Lyman, his great idea has been able to clutch the single-best luxury that most […]

Trojans won’t fail the ’Quizz this Saturday

USC has placed itself in a great position to run the table in the Pac-10 after winning a huge Ohio State game in its second contest of the season. Sound familiar? Well it should. Last year, the Trojans beat the Buckeyes 35-3 in Week 2 at the Coliseum and appeared to have passed their toughest […]

USC should aid students in housing search

Over the past few years USC has vastly improved in accommodating more students in on-campus housing. Once students are inevitably shooed off-campus, however, they continue to be plagued by unreliable landlords. USC currently only guarantees undergraduates two years of on-campus housing. Every year, an average of 800 students who apply for campus housing are denied. […]

Obama not a ‘jackass’ for rebuking Kanye

Unless you’ve been hiding out in a spider hole in Tikrit for the last couple of days, chances are that the backlash from Kanye West’s MTV Video Music Awards meltdown has found a cozy home in your inner ear with no departure date on the horizon. Saturating the airwaves with the voracity of a freshly […]