USC must prioritize reproductive health

On Sept. 7, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos announced controversial changes she intended to implement at the Department of Education regarding Title IX, a law requiring gender equity in institutions receiving federal funding. While these changes specifically affect campus sexual assault, another issue involving gender inequality on college campuses has gone widely ignored for years: […]

Playing Politics: Millennials’ interests depend on them voting

This Tuesday, National Voter Registration Day comes around once again. This time last year, I took some time to harp on the civic necessity of voter registration; happily, and with that same sense of American urgency, I’m here to do it again. I’ll spare you the lofty ideals of civic duty, political efficacy, the American […]

For the oppressed, the personal is the political

This week, Senate Republicans breathed new life into what seemed like a lost battle since the end of summer: the repeal of the Affordable Care Act. Without the ACA and its protections for those with preexisting conditions, millions of disabled, elderly, sick and low-income Americans would lose insurance and, according to some estimates, thousands could […]

Rescinding DACA would widen inequality in U.S. education

As ambiguity around the status  of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program persists, nearly 800,000 young people in this country — at least 40 of whom attend USC, according to previous Daily Trojan reporting — are living in a state of uncertainty. And combined with the right wing’s dismal stance on public funding for […]

COUNTERPOINT: College campus polarization stems from misunderstanding

Provocative far-right speakers Milo Yiannopoulos, Ann Coulter and Steve Bannon are slated to speak at “Free Speech Week” next week at UC Berkeley. The organizing group, Berkeley Patriot, has had some logistical difficulties, but if it pulls off even a scaled-back version of this event, it’ll be controversial. There are significant divides within the campus […]

POINT: Free speech rights should not justify bigotry on campus

Like many other Trojans, I’ll be making the drive up the California coast this weekend for the Weekender, the annual football game that USC plays at either Stanford University or UC Berkeley. It’s at Berkeley this year, so when I leave the campus on Sunday, it’ll also be the first day of its Free Speech […]

Emmys show that good TV isn’t escapism

Last Sunday’s Emmy Awards witnessed a multitude of progressive achievements. In a year where television leaned more toward sociopolitical commentary than escapism from sociopolitical issues, the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences recognized Lena Waithe, Riz Ahmed and Donald Glover as firsts in their respective categories. Waithe, recognized for Writing for a Comedy Series, was […]

On Southern campuses, Confederacy is not legacy

Most Americans would probably not look too kindly on a German university maintaining plaques dedicated to those who died fighting for Nazism. Most might also be able to sympathize with Jewish students who pay and enroll as anyone else — only to show up and be greeted with the commemoration of a regime that sought […]

USG hotline helps mental health visibility

Earlier this month, Undergraduate Student Government unveiled a new plan to update USC student ID cards to include a comprehensive list of resources and options to steer students through crises. This plan was approved at a Senate meeting on Sept. 5. Currently, USC student ID cards list two phone numbers: the general USC safety number […]

New CA legislation will widen health care access

On Sept. 11, the California legislature passed health care bill SB 17, which requires pharmaceutical companies to release critical information on how major drugs are priced. SB 17 — although not yet signed by Gov. Jerry Brown — received support from both Republicans and Democrats in the waning hours of the 2017 legislative session. Many […]