OPINION: Title IX rollback signifies Trump-era moral failure

On Thursday, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos announced her vapid eagerness to rescind former President Barack Obama’s Title IX guidelines — measures that were necessary to ensure both women and men retained their civil and human rights in the wake of sexual assault. These were incremental changes that positively contributed, but stopped far short of […]

USC must use its endowments to promote students’ interests

In August, a New York Times profile on the modern-day college student revealed that a quarter of the more than $41 billion given in charity to higher education ended up in the pockets of just 20 institutions, squeezing other institutions — especially community colleges from accessing a growing pool of higher education funds. Much of […]

Clinton gets a lot right — and wrong — about Bernie supporters

Hillary Clinton, former Democratic presidential nominee and the first woman to win the popular vote in the U.S. general election, will release a memoir on the events of 2016 later this month. But excerpts from the book are already garnering wide attention. Clinton has written many books before, examining her tenures as First Lady, and […]

Counterpoint: Columbus was imperfect, but modern America is his legacy

I don’t necessarily oppose the Los Angeles City Council’s replacement of Columbus Day with “Indigenous People’s Day” on the city calendar — I’ve always thought a “John Smith Day” or “John Winthrop Day” would be more appropriate of an American holiday, and the Italian Americans the holiday was originally meant to appease are now thoroughly […]

Point: Recognizing Indigenous People’s Day is a step forward

There’s a few things that almost all public schoolchildren know. It was 1492 when Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue on the Niña, the Pinta and the Santa Maria. What they might not know is that Columbus’ actions propelled the genocide of millions of Native Americans — that his own writings reveal his motivations to […]

OPINION: Houston response will define Trump’s legacy

Disasters and tragedies have been formative chapters in nearly every modern American presidency. Former President Ronald Reagan urged a national reverence for those lost in the Challenger disaster. Former President Lyndon B. Johnson rallied a grief-stricken people with the famous phrase, “Let us continue.” Former President Bill Clinton knew the road to healing would be […]

OPINION: Arpaio pardoning affects Los Angeles

Last Friday, President Donald Trump did the unthinkable. As a Category 4 hurricane threatened to engulf Texas, he pardoned controversial former Arizona police sheriff Joe Arpaio. Arpaio, who called himself “America’s Toughest Sheriff” until recently, is infamous for his long tenure as the sheriff of Maricopa County,  Arizona, where his department became known for its […]

COLUMN: Celebrity feminism must be more than a marketing ploy

Last week, pop sensation Taylor Swift’s return to social media and the music industry sparked an internet avalanche and inspired a wave of think pieces both criticizing and celebrating her. All evidence from the artist’s social media, as well as the lyrics and music video of her newly released single, “Look What You Made Me […]

OPINION: Social media can be damaging

Earlier this month, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that rates of mental health struggles and severe depression in teens have steadily risen over the last 40 years. There are many potential reasons teenage suicide rates may be on the rise — namely more rigorous academic and professional pressures — but social media […]