Counterpoint: Increased security in schools will foster safety for students

Former Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student Nikolas Cruz is accused of walking onto the campus in Parkland, Fla. and attacking dozens of helpless students with an AR-15 gun. The shooting left 17 dead and dozens of others injured. “Thoughts and prayers” has become an all-too-common phrase tweeted across the internet and spoken by countless […]

POINT: More security in schools will not end gun violence

When tragedy struck Parkland, Fla., last week, parents, students and children across the nation were both stunned and exhausted at yet another senseless massacre — one that common-sense gun regulations could have made far more unlikely. Some conservative pundits and policymakers who have come under fire for their opposition to gun reform have proposed a […]

Playing Politics: If they want change, people must vote first

Two years ago, the USC College Democrats hosted then-Attorney General Kamala Harris at a rally at Ronald Tutor Campus Center; in January, the 49th Empowerment Congress hosted a gubernatorial debate between six of the major contenders for the California gubernatorial election here at USC. This Friday, the USC College Democrats and the Unruh Associates are […]

Democrats should champion their issues

Let me make this clear — whether or not you support DACA, whether or not you support DREAMers, whether you want a wall, a ban, a bill or none of those things — our elected representatives, the ones we chose, cannot follow through on those desires unless Ryan lets them.

COUNTERPOINT: For USG, voter engagement should remain the top priority

Undergraduate Student Government elections will be underway in less than a week, but the mood around campus doesn’t reflect that. Yes, there are campaign signs along Trousdale Parkway, candidates make Facebook pages to gather support and campus news organizations write about the campaign trail. But for the average student, the air of USG elections just […]