Playing Politics: Millennials’ interests depend on them voting

This Tuesday, National Voter Registration Day comes around once again. This time last year, I took some time to harp on the civic necessity of voter registration; happily, and with that same sense of American urgency, I’m here to do it again. I’ll spare you the lofty ideals of civic duty, political efficacy, the American […]

For the oppressed, the personal is the political

This week, Senate Republicans breathed new life into what seemed like a lost battle since the end of summer: the repeal of the Affordable Care Act. Without the ACA and its protections for those with preexisting conditions, millions of disabled, elderly, sick and low-income Americans would lose insurance and, according to some estimates, thousands could […]

Emmys show that good TV isn’t escapism

Last Sunday’s Emmy Awards witnessed a multitude of progressive achievements. In a year where television leaned more toward sociopolitical commentary than escapism from sociopolitical issues, the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences recognized Lena Waithe, Riz Ahmed and Donald Glover as firsts in their respective categories. Waithe, recognized for Writing for a Comedy Series, was […]

College cis-women must support trans rights

Last week, Spelman College, a historically black women’s college in Atlanta, announced that it would accept trans students applying for the upcoming school year. The decision drew relatively minimal coverage in mainstream media, but follows a contentious year of law and policy conflicts involving trans people. Particularly in states like North Carolina and Texas, rhetoric […]

In times of crisis, do not forget U.S. territories

As Hurricane Irma swept into Florida last weekend, all eyes were on Miami and Tampa and other well-populated cities in the state where yet another natural disaster threatened immense destruction mere weeks after Hurricane Harvey hit Texas. Behind Irma, however, the damage was already done: on the U.S. Virgin Islands, and several other Caribbean nations […]

On campus, racism exists on a spectrum

“Can anyone think of an application of cultural psychology in examining the results of an individual’s Brief Sensation-Seeking Scale score?” My psychology professor admirably maintained a high level of energy as she projected her question, despite seeing the tired faces of the 200+ students barely keeping awake as the lecture period neared its end. Despite […]

OPINION: Title IX rollback signifies Trump-era moral failure

On Thursday, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos announced her vapid eagerness to rescind former President Barack Obama’s Title IX guidelines — measures that were necessary to ensure both women and men retained their civil and human rights in the wake of sexual assault. These were incremental changes that positively contributed, but stopped far short of […]

Clinton gets a lot right — and wrong — about Bernie supporters

Hillary Clinton, former Democratic presidential nominee and the first woman to win the popular vote in the U.S. general election, will release a memoir on the events of 2016 later this month. But excerpts from the book are already garnering wide attention. Clinton has written many books before, examining her tenures as First Lady, and […]

OPINION: Houston response will define Trump’s legacy

Disasters and tragedies have been formative chapters in nearly every modern American presidency. Former President Ronald Reagan urged a national reverence for those lost in the Challenger disaster. Former President Lyndon B. Johnson rallied a grief-stricken people with the famous phrase, “Let us continue.” Former President Bill Clinton knew the road to healing would be […]

COLUMN: Celebrity feminism must be more than a marketing ploy

Last week, pop sensation Taylor Swift’s return to social media and the music industry sparked an internet avalanche and inspired a wave of think pieces both criticizing and celebrating her. All evidence from the artist’s social media, as well as the lyrics and music video of her newly released single, “Look What You Made Me […]