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It seems that navigating news on the Internet is harder than ever. Blogs, aggregators and Tweets complement the slew of traditional sources, but the choice can breed confusion. To help our own readers steer through the clamor, and to better serve an audience whose online habits have shifted dramatically in recent years, the Daily Trojan is launching a new website this week.

The new dailytrojan.com, which, for the first time, is wholly owned and controlled by the Daily Trojan’s staff and has a host of features that were missing from our old website. Four different blogs will keep readers updated throughout the day with news, quotes, photos and humor. Video packages embedded in stories will be commonplace, as will photo slideshows, podcasts and streaming video of campus events. The site’s presentation has also been overhauled — a new carousel presents stories at the top of the page, and it’s now easier to find articles from different sections and to check the “most emailed” list.

Look too, in the coming weeks and months, for aggregated news in partnership with newspapers at other Pac-10 schools and with other mediums on campus, like ATVN and Neon Tommy, an online news site run through the Annenberg School for Communication.

We hope these features will effectively aid our readers, but we recognize that the Internet’s landscape is shifting rapidly. Our site’s most important asset, then, is customization, and that’s why we have hired a webmaster whose sole responsibility will be maintaining and updating our site for content and usability. Ryan Furlong welcomes comments from readers on how we can make the new dailytrojan.com more relevant for today’s online news consumer. He can be reached at webmaster@dailytrojan.com.

We know the Daily Trojan may not be your first source of news, and our website won’t try to be your homepage. What we can do is provide professional, high-quality coverage of the areas where our strengths and our readers’ interests intersect: the USC administration and the students, faculty and staff who live, work and study here; the remarkable changes we’re seeing around campus and in the Figueroa Corridor; cultural events here and around Los Angeles; the USC athletes and coaches who can’t seem to escape the national spotlight; and the domestic and international issues affecting the USC community. We hope the new dailytrojan.com will make our coverage more accessible and provide a better service to our readers.

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  1. Peggy McLaughlin
    Peggy McLaughlin says:

    Finally! A daily email / newspaper summary I can read! My son is a Junior at USC and I’ve been an email subscriber to the paper since 2007. While the emails were bearable in the first year, they have been utterly atrocious since the change over to the commercial provider. I’m glad to see they’re finally re-vamped and readable. Thank you!

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