Kiffin makes Twitter debut

For a man who has made as many headlines with his communication skills as his coaching abilities, it is no surprise that Lane Kiffin has taken his act to the next level: Twitter.

In a month that is characterized as the quietest period in the year-round circus known formally as the USC football program, the newly-hired coach has interrupted the silence surrounding Heritage Hall with a social networking debut that will only enhance his ability to utilize new age media as a self-serving mouthpiece.

While his debut on Sept. 2 in Hawaii will likely receive much more national attention than today’s entrance into a world defined by Tweets, followers, and 140-character status updates, his initiation into the Twittersphere should put fans, pundits, and those close to the football program on watch.

On one hand, Kiffin’s acceptance of modern technology plays well to his most importance audience, his players. Over the past year has infiltrated the sports world like few other industries around the country. While popular personalities like Shaquille O’Neill, Pete Carroll, and Lance Armstrong have been pioneers in integrating the social media network as a fabric in professional sports, everyone from the NBA to the NFL to former- Texas Tech coach Mike Leach have done everything in their power to create a schism between athletes and their Twitter accounts.

Kiffin’s insistence on following in the footsteps of his predecessor, Carroll, can be construed as an attempt to show his youth at age 34 or as just another platform for an outspoken coach to speak his mind through Internet-driven binary code, regardless buckle up it should be an interesting ride.

Kiffin’s first official Tweet Thursday afternoon — “We’re very fortunate and excited about continuing the great tradition of Trojan football! Thanks for your continued support” — lent very little insight into the controversial figure Kiffin has become over the past few years, but rest assured his Twitter profile will likely contain the candid remarks he is best known for.