Internet bug Heartbleed gathers private user information

If you’ve been on the internet recently (guaranteed as you are more than likely a college student reading this column), you’ve likely heard about Heartbleed. It’s scaring nearly every major site and server out there. Though an internet bug isn’t anything new, Heartbleed in particular has had every developer and coder working night shifts to […]

The Internet celebrates 20th birthday

Tuesday marked the 20th anniversary of the creation of World Wide Web. The organization responsible for building the Internet, CERN, also created the Large Hadron Collider, which may or may not have broken the speed of light in 2011. British scientist Tim Berners-Lee drafted a series of proposals in 1989 that eventually led to the […]

The risk of online relationships

All over the news, we’ve been hearing about Manti Te’o’s unfortunate situation – the Heisman contender recently found out that his long-term girlfriend, who was presumed to be dead, never existed to begin with. As if we didn’t already know, the Internet has become a vital medium in which society interacts with one another: From […]

Negative mindsets magnified online

I rarely expect heated responses to my column. Topics like programming, statistics and internet slang don’t exactly pull at the heartstrings. A month ago, though, the comment section on one of many columns turned into an argument about the possible fabrication of the Holocaust. The link between that column and the Holocaust was weak at best, […]

Internet on its way to supplant cable TV

Think of an iconic television series. Shows like Seinfeld, Star Trek and I Love Lucy probably come to mind. Now, think of an iconic YouTube video — like that one where a panda sneezes. For some, it’s hard to see YouTube as a source of quality entertainment. Nevertheless, YouTube has a very different vision for […]