Madam President: Wanda Austin’s plan to rebuild USC

Dr. Wanda Austin is not a president who wants to lead from behind a desk. She wants to make sure that everyone on her team is heard, and that she continues to learn from those who surround her. On Friday, in her first interview as interim president of USC, Austin spoke with the Daily Trojan […]

A tale of two USCs: the good, the bad and the ugly of Nikias’ reign

During his inaugural address in 2010, C. L. Max Nikias made a bold promise to USC: “My own commitment to you is to run the next marathon at a sprinter’s pace.” These words marked the beginning of a rocky eight-year presidential run — one defined by astronomical growth and plagued by scandal. Nikias agreed to […]

Board of Trustees elects Rick Caruso as new Chair

Rick Caruso has been elected chairman of the USC Board of Trustees, after John Mork finished his five-year term in the position. The announcement comes a week after C. L. Max Nikias agreed to step down as president of the University, and in the wake of misconduct allegations against a former USC gynecologist.