Helping hands

Michelle Tabariai, a sophomore majoring in business administration and a member of ’SC Students for Israel, helps raise awareness as part of “Fight on for Haiti.” The event, held in front of Tommy Trojan, was sponsored by the Undergraduate Student Government and the California Public Interest Research Group and was attended by numerous other student […]

Scorsese directs, DiCaprio shines

Martin Scorsese has been behind the development of no small number of great actors. For instance, if it weren’t for him, Robert De Niro would not be the actor he is today. And, as the director’s new film Shutter Island will confirm, if not for Scorsese, Leonardo DiCaprio wouldn’t be one of the best actors […]

In Theaters Today

My Name Based on the autobiographical novel by Timothy B. Tyson, this drama follows the growig civil rights movement as racial upheavals tears apart a town in 1970s North Carolina when a court acquits the white murderers of a black man, despite the murder occurring in public view. The Good Guy If the thrills of […]

Unsophisticated ploys cheapen latest Polanski thriller

The Ghost Writer, controversial Oscar-winning director Roman Polanski’s newest film, was made under intense personal stress. Filmed in exile, edited under house arrest and released during complicated legal troubles, the resulting film is a claustrophobic, compelling thriller that feels only a little bit rushed. Some guys can’t write five-paragraph essays after their girlfriends break up […]