Memorial held for USC student killed in crash

Students came together Monday to remember Sandy Roberts, a USC student who died Saturday night after a car crash in Kern County, near Bakersfield, Calif.

Remembered · About 150 students gathered at USC Hillel on Monday night for a memorial service in honor of Sandy Roberts, a sophomore majoring in cinema-television production, who died in a car accident in Kern County Saturday night. - Tim Tran | Daily Trojan

The School of Cinematic Arts and USC Hillel both offered services in honor of Roberts, hoping to give his friends and fellow students a venue to reminisce and grieve.

Roberts, a sophomore majoring in cinema-television production, was riding in a car driven by Nicole Deane, also a sophomore majoring in cinema-television production, when the car lost control and veered into oncoming traffic. Both Deane and Roberts were transported to Kern Medical Center, where Roberts was pronounced dead.

In response to requests from Roberts’ friends, USC Hillel held a memorial service Monday night, inviting the entire USC community.

Roberts participated in FreshFest, an involvement program for Jewish freshmen, and was always a part of USC’s Jewish community, said Cameron Roth, student president of Hillel.

“We’re doing this for his friends,” Roth said. “We wanted to set up a place for them to feel comforted.”

As part of the memorial service, Hillel offered students a chance to read psalms or poetry and to share their stories and memories of Sandy.

Roth said the event was taped, so it could be shared with Roberts’ family.

The School of Cinematic Arts also reached out to students Sunday night, informing them of the accident and offering counseling services. And the school hosted a gathering for students in need of support from their classmates and counselors.

Deane, the car’s driver, remains in the hospital in stable condition.

USC officials encourage anyone affected by Saturday’s accident to contact a counselor at (213) 740-7711.

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  1. friend
    friend says:

    it is both one of the horrors and one of the beauties of living that life is determined by random moments and circumstance. So many aspects are simply out of our control, and thus this is a tragedy that could have happened to any one of us. Do not seek blame in trying to find the answers- to “blame” Nicole is simply awful and wrong. This is a matter of being human. I have complete love, respect, and adoration for Sandy and Nicole and I am so so sorry that this had to happen at this point in their lives. We will heal, we will continue with our lives and continue to enjoy them but we will continue to love Sandy’s soul and we will never forget him.

  2. a loving friend
    a loving friend says:

    Not just insensitive, but cruel and inaccurate. Highway 46, where the accident took place, is an extremely dangerous road. It has been nick-named “Blood Alley” for decades, and getting funds to change and improve it has been a longstanding, contentious issue in the legislature. Try googling accidents on highway 46 or asking anyone from Kern County and you’ll get the idea. Simply stated, this is a strip of highway where losing control of a car does not imply the wrecklessness suggested by the original poster.

    The community is coming together to mourn the loss of a wonderful young man and to offer support and comfort to a wonderful young woman seriously injured in a tragic accident. This is hard enough, and it will take all of our strength, love, empathy and compassion for one another. Let’s be there for one another.

  3. Anon.
    Anon. says:

    DJ – as a friend of Nicole’s, I can say that she is as responsible as they come. Can you honestly say you’ve never made a mistake while driving? Maybe it didn’t cost you something incredibly dear to you, but at any point any one of us could make a mistake that changes our lives. I understand and appreciate your concern for the other family, but posting comment that here, when there are so many mourning the loss of someone who was a brother and friend and the love of Nicole’s life… it’s just insensitive. Think before you type.
    And to Nicole, or Sandy’s family, or anyone else involved – If you read this, know that all of us here in Nashville are broken-hearted over what has happened, and we’re praying for a return to health for Nicole and healing for all who are affected. I know we all wish we could be by your side to offer support, but sending prayers from Tennessee will have to do for now. We love you.

    • William
      William says:

      Wow DJ, I hope that karma does not take revenge on your next mistake, and I am sure that you have made plenty. These were 2 responsible people, and a very tragic mistake was made. What a simple minded comment.

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