Chinatown brings the beats

If T-Pain’s brief performance at Springfest didn’t quite satisfy your appetite for music, then Chinatown has something a bit more substantial to offer — in vinyl.

Sunday was the second annual Los Angeles Beat Swap Meet in Downtown Chinatown. Audiophiles of all ages were invited to attend a celebration of music at the Grandstar Jazz Club from noon until 6 p.m. The event featured live performances and a bar for those lucky visitors who met the age requirement. More than 30 record vendors and collectors were invited to share their ware.

The stock was impressive, with blues, disco, funk, hip hop, jazz, punk, reggae, rock and foreign music. Hip hop was alive and thriving upstairs, with Beat Swap Meet’s first ever D.J. showdown. Outside the club, independent vendors and designers gathered to sell their goods to an enthusiastic audience.

Chinatown is chock full of events for the musically inclined and artistically curious, if one only bothers to seek them out. I had an enjoyable afternoon at the cozy venue and hope to come back in the future.

One of the best parts of the event is the charitable aspect: As long as they bring donations of canned food to the event, people of all ages may attend free of charge. All other donations are encouraged in the name of helping the homeless community in Los Angeles. The Grandstar Jazz Club is located on 943 N. Broadway.