A Guide to an alternative Los Angeles

Freshmen get an intensive one-week education on USC and the surrounding community as a part of their orientation to campus. But unfortunately for students, there’s no Welcome Week for Los Angeles. Many of us only know Los Angeles as it is portrayed in pop culture, and even within that realm there is such a diversity […]

Dim Sum Crawl

Imagine it’s 11 a.m. and you’re walking through Chinatown: All around you, a host of men and women push metal carts loaded with all sorts of culinary curiosities. You can’t see some of the food held in metal containers, but their smells waft through the room as cart after cart passes by your table. Eventually, […]

Haute Highlights

ELLIE GOULDING THE WILTERN SATURDAY, FEB. 9 at 8 P.M. After the debut of her mega-hit single “Lights,” Ellie Goulding’s music career skyrocketed. Now with her second album, Halcyon, Goulding is gong on tour and performing new songs such as “Explosions” and “My Blood” that showcase her growth as a versatile artist. Cool, edgy and […]

Chinatown Walmart poses threat

Thousands of protestors descended on Chinatown, in Downtown Los Angeles, this June as part of the country’s largest anti-Walmart demonstration since the company first opened in 1962. Today, despite the disapproval of the city of Los Angeles and many of its residents, the impending construction of a Walmart in Chinatown continues to menace members of […]

LA State Historic Park brings nature to the city

Los Angeles is stereotyped as an urban metropolis congested with traffic and clouded in smog, and unfortunately few areas successfully fight that generalization. Even with all its urban hot spots, Los Angeles possesses some residents who appreciate nature and find it important to keep the city close to its roots. Before the city became the […]