Todd Choi, an undeclared freshman and vice president of Parkside International Residency College building government, stands with Richelle Gribble, a sophomore majoring in fine arts, at the Annual Tommy Awards held Wednesday at the Ronald Tutor Campus Center Grand Ballroom. Gribble received the Peer Achievement Award at the event and Choi won the Residential College […]

NCAA air balls UConn situation

As I watched the NCAA championship game, I could only shake my head in disbelief. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. The entire Butler team could not put the ball in the basket, and, as hard as it is to believe, UConn wasn’t much better. But besides the lack of offensive efficiency both teams, […]


  SONG OF THE WEEK: “Grow Ocean” — Fleet Foxes  Streaming at Seattle’s Fleet Foxes has shut itself in the studio for several long  months, following the success of its self-titled LP. Now, the neo-folk quintet is back with “Grow Ocean,” the first single from its forthcoming sophomore album, Helplessness Blues. At once thunderous […]

BPA levels in canned food should make students reconsider

Cliché or not, eating food from dusty metal cans and assorted plastic containers is as endemic to college life as hangovers and cram sessions. The typical convenience-based, borderline-desperate college diet can be summed up by images of microwave-nuked Chef Boyardee and little cans of Vienna sausage. Many of these metal-can or plastic-packaged foods, however, come […]