Bands to watch at FYF Festival

The FYF Festival is September 3rd at the Los Angeles State Historic Park, and for those of you with tickets, here’s a quick look at the must-see acts of the day.

First up is Explosions in the Sky. The name barely touches upon the greatness expected from the band at this year’s FYF Festival. Featuring guitarists Munaf Rayani and Mark Smith, bassist Michael James and drummer Chris Hrasky, this post-rock group from Austin, TX, will perform fresh off recently released sixth album Take Care, Take Care, Take Care. Explosions in the Sky brings a state of momentum and musical depth that no other band on the entire lineup can as easily replicate.

As a breakout band in 2007, Explosions in the Sky described their music in an interview with NPR, ‘as a series of cathartic mini-symphonies.’ Not afraid of pacing the music and creating their own sense of time, Explosions in the Sky delivers pieces that sometimes stretch longer than 10 minutes or more ensuring an almost echoed effect of their performance. If you are attending FYF Fest and our looking for a band that not only plays their music, but really performs it, Explosions in the Sky are a must-see. They take the Donatello Stage after 10 p.m.

Next up we have Avi Buffalo, the pseudonym for Long Beach, California native Avigdor Zahner-Isenberg. Joined by the focused Sheridan Riley on drums, the Avi Buffalo duo is slated to get all festival-goers in the perfect summertime mood with their soothing alternative rock music. Although Avi Buffalo has had recent troubles with the departures of both vocalist Rebecca Coleman and Arin Fazio in 2010, they have not only held their own since, but jumped onto the radars of many music critics on their current Sub Pop music Tour.

One Last,” a single off their debut self-titled album, sets the tone of who they are as a group. For those who like calming music but enjoy the occasional sexual metaphor set to laidback tunes, Avi Buffalo is your main headliner at FYF Fest. The band will be performing on the Raphael Stage around 1:30 p.m.

Finally, a highlight of the FYF Festival every year that sometimes goes unsung, is the comedy shows presented by The Meltdown in the main tent. This year the first showcase lineup features two comedians that are a guaranteed to make you laugh out loud. The hilarious Natasha Leggero from  E! show Chelsea Lately and the witty Joselyn Hughes from Tosh.0 on Comedy Central are the only female comical acts during the entire FYF Festival, and so should have a refreshing perspective.

If your interested in attending and have not purchased your tickets yet, check out The FYF Festival website for tickets starting at $40 for general admission and $99 for VIP access; they are all also available online through, at local record stores or at the event on September 3rd.

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  1. Sharon Mclean
    Sharon Mclean says:

    Shari E. Hawker has certainly found a commanding way of introducing me to a new Genre of music. Although I am not going to be in attendance at this concert, (I’ll be when they’re in N.Y), her explanation of this “Band ..Explosions In The Sky” has given me a clear understanding of their music, and how their transition from one vocalist to another, has not hinder their progress in anyway instead they are moving to new heights musically.. good luck to them and more “Props” to Shari E. Hawker, looking forward to more great articles like this one.

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