FYF Fest excites with captivating lineup

Besides the view of barren wasteland, dying grass and dusty fields, there's a strange feeling walking into Los Angeles' FYF Fest. Amongst the clusters of tents, giant sunglasses and the four stages are thousands of Los Angelenos. FYF is a cultural homogenization of everything that is trendy, “in” and L.A. Cue the girls in short floral dresses and high top lace up shoes, the guys with pompadour haircuts and 70s mustaches. When everyone cool, hip and different is packed into one venue – what does that make everyone? The same.

FYF Fest offers electrifying lineup

Los Angelenos trying to get their live music fix this Labor Day weekend need to look no further than downtown LA, as the indie-centric FYF Fest returns to the Los Angeles State Historic Park this Saturday and Sunday. Now in its ninth year, the festival is expanding to two consecutive days for the first time […]

Haute Highlights

LA County Fair The Los Angeles County Fair will be open during Labor Day weekend, starting this Saturday, Sept. 3. If you’ve never been to the LA County Fair before, you won’t want to miss out on this year’s festivities. The fair has a gargantuan, jam-packed list of fun for all ages, including myriad fair […]

FYF Fest upgrades production with Goldenvoice

Explosions in the Sky, The Dead Milkmen, Kid Dynamite … no, these are not darkly named war headlines. These are some of the most highly anticipated acts performing at the upcoming FYF Festival at the Los Angeles State Historic Park on September 3rd. The FYF Festival (or the F*** Yeah Festival, for scenesters) is in […]

Bands to watch at FYF Festival

The FYF Festival is September 3rd at the Los Angeles State Historic Park, and for those of you with tickets, here’s a quick look at the must-see acts of the day. First up is Explosions in the Sky. The name barely touches upon the greatness expected from the band at this year’s FYF Festival. Featuring […]

Labor Day weekend event guide

For USC students, Labor Day weekend offers a welcome break to the busyness and early chaos that starts off each academic year. While attending or watching this Saturday’s opening USC football game against Minnesota is a no-brainer, there’s still ample time for other activities. In particular, the three-day weekend is a great opportunity to explore […]