FYF Fest upgrades production with Goldenvoice

Explosions in the Sky, The Dead Milkmen, Kid Dynamite … no, these are not darkly named war headlines. These are some of the most highly anticipated acts performing at the upcoming FYF Festival at the Los Angeles State Historic Park on September 3rd.

The FYF Festival (or the F*** Yeah Festival, for scenesters) is in its eighth year of providing great  music, laugh-out-loud comedy and chill vibes for all ages. While still maintaining its reputation for jam-packed fun, The FYF Fest has indeed addressed some pressuring issues from previous years with both publicized upgrades and the addition of a new producer.

The main inconveniences last year included long wait times for admission, limited access to water and dust clouds. The FYF Festival’s management addressed these concerns on their own website, under frequently asked questions, stating they will indeed have more entrances into the festival for shorter lines and quicker access; they will now place tents throughout the venue to provide more shading, and the festival will also provide more water fountains/carts and food vendors for easier access to all patrons.

However, the most needed upgrade will be both preventing and reducing the amount of dust clouds present at the venue, “we invested in a ton of wood chips that will keep the watered down and compacted dirt from coming up into the air,” festival posted on its website. Without a doubt a cleaner, clearer and more comfortable environment will drastically improve the feel of FYF Fest. And while we are still addressing upgrades, the biggest change for The FYF Festival to date is the inclusion of a new co-producer, Goldenvoice.

As a mogul promoter, behind the success of such iconic festivals like Coachella and Stagecoach, Goldenvoice should give FYF great guidance and depth this year. As Sean Carlson, founder of the FYF music tours, noted on the festival’s main website, “This will be our first year working with Goldenvoice to produce the event. The festival started eight years ago when I was 18. Last year I moved out of father’s house and last week we moved into an office. FYF is four people at the core but it wouldn’t be possible without a solid group of people that help part time. It’s best to keep this short. We are excited.” Such a big change is always worrisome, but as Carlson put it best, they are a solid group progressing and everyone is excited to be on this ride.