On the record

Hip-hop DJ J. Period tells students how he broke into the business as part of an Annenberg-hosted conversation with professor of communication and journalism Josh Kun. J. Period has collaborated with artists including John Legend, Nas, The Roots and Mary J. Blige.

Second half of season looms large for Trojans

It’s amazing what having something to play for can do to a team. In any sport, having the stakes raised can awaken a fire inside even the biggest underdogs, occasionally producing magical — and often unbelievable — results. Take the 2011 Virginia Commonwealth Rams, who, as No. 11 seed, stormed their way to the men’s […]

Science shows music can amp up workouts

At times it can feel like music and exercise are linked together, whether it is the radio station playing over the speakers or the workout playlist thumping from the iPod of nearby weightlifters. Some swear by music, saying songs help focus and motivate the body. But is music really a useful tool to boost physical […]