Full stomachs

Diana Tay, a sophomore majoring in communication and English, samples food from Viztango Cafe as part of “Taste of Downtown L.A.” The event, which was sponsored by USC Program Board, was held Tuesday in McCarthy Quad and featured Los Angeles restaurants, including Chicken Itz and Madeleine Bakery.

Distance makes for a unique tradition

Rivalries make college football special. Coaches, players and fans alike circle one or two games on their calendar each year as “must-win” games — not because of rankings or standings, but out of a longstanding and passionate dislike for another school. For some, it would be OK if their team lost every other game if […]

Violent video games hold hidden benefits

When Australia banned the new Mortal Kombat video game in February for its excessive violence, the decision ignited debate over the function of violence in video games and whether they promote aggressive behavior in players. The United States has had its share of speculation as well. In June, the United States Supreme Court rejected a […]