Janet Krupin ascends in theater world

This time last year, Janet Krupin was just a senior walking around USC’s campus.

Fresh face · Alumna Janet Krupin immediately jumped into theater after graduating, working her way to the top alongside her talented cast members in a theatrical take on Bring It On: The Musical. - Photo courtesy of Craig Schwartz

As a critical studies major in the School of Cinematic Arts with minors in musical theatre and philosophy, she took on more work than most. And to top it all off, she was a working actress, auditioning for theater roles all over Los Angeles.

Her work appears to have paid off — she now has a lead role of Kylar in the national tour of Bring It On: The Musical, which will visit 13 cities over the span of seven months.

Krupin’s path to success was not always clear. She had a self-professed period of ambiguity during her early years at USC. She came to school as a film student because, according to her, when you get into USC’s film school, you don’t say no.

But not being able to pursue her passion for theater took a toll on Krupin. During her sophomore year, she decided to make a change.

“I kind of said, ‘Hold up, I’m missing something,’ and I added a musical theatre minor.” Krupin said. “It really made me realize what I actually like to do every day when I wake up.”

In her junior year, she began actively pursuing a career in performance.

“I just started auditioning for very small non-union roles close to USC.” Krupin said. “It started with those small roles, then a slightly bigger role. All of a sudden it was my senior year, and in my second semester I had a professional agent, I got my Equity card and I auditioned for Bring It On: [The Musical].”

The road to Bring It On: The Musical was not an easy one. Krupin endured an extensive audition process that spanned from March 2010 to June 2010, which took place in New York City and Los Angeles. Following four days of auditions in Los Angeles, she was told not to book any other jobs because the producers were interested in her.

Two months later, Krupin was in New York City for a two-day callback.

“I was actually called back for three parts,” Krupin said. “There was a heck of a lot of preparation that went into it.”

This all occurred while she was trying to earn her degree, which was a tricky balancing act.

“It was pretty crazy running from some callbacks into my second science credit, which I had put off taking,” Krupin said. “It was pretty surreal to be at a callback with Tony [Award] winners and then run back to campus for my four o’clock science class.”

But the balancing act was worth it. Krupin, who started working as a performer immediately after graduation — a feat not many students, let alone actors, can say they have accomplished.

Bring It On: The Musical, loosely based on 2000’s movie Bring It On, opened to favorable reviews in Atlanta earlier this year. Krupin says the show has only improved since its initial run.

“This show was amazing in Atlanta and it’s even better now. Andy Blankenbuehler, who is our director and choreographer, [is] brilliant,” Krupin said. “And Andy has amped up every single dance number in this show. You’re just going to love it.”

Looking back, she credits her years at USC as integral to her personal growth.

“My journey at USC, being confused about exactly what I wanted, being confused on exactly how to get what I wanted — I learned that being the best means doing what you love every day,” Krupin said.

As for current aspiring performers at USC, Krupin suggests taking it one step at a time.

“To that underclassman who’s reading this article that doesn’t know how the heck they’re going to make it happen — just do it,” Krupin said. “Just start doing it and it’ll work out.”