In Photos: Remembering students Ming Qu and Ying Wu

The university held a candlelight vigil Wednesday night at Tommy Trojan honoring Ming Qu and Ying Wu, two Viterbi graduate students who were fatally shot early Wednesday morning northwest of the University Park Campus. Hundreds gathered to hear Provost Elizabeth Garrett, Dean of Religious Life Varun Soni, Executive Vice Dean of Engineering John O’Brien and student leaders speak in remembrance of the victims. Mourners were invited to sign books devoted to Qu and Wu.


Carlo Acenas | Daily Trojan


Carlo Acenas | Daily Trojan


Carlo Acenas | Daily Trojan


Ani Kolangian | Daily Trojan


Carlo Acenas | Daily Trojan


Ani Kolangian | Daily Trojan


Carlo Acenas | Daily Trojan


Carlo Acenas | Daily Trojan

  • Dreaming

    Reat in peace…There are no more sorrow and crime in the heaven. Others, come on and fight against the stupid gossips! At last, I pray for there families…

  • Themis

    Rest in peace..

  • C yang

    R .I. P 逝者安息

  • Linda Smith Frost

    This is so sad. I am an American and have lived in Los Angeles more than 30 years. It makes me very sorry that this is how we have treated these wonderful young visitors to our country who were intelligent and here to learn. I feel sorrow for the families, friends and fellow students. I will say prayers for these and for safety of all Chinese students in Los Angeles. I wish I knew what I could do to help.

    This is now how we treat our guests.

  • Occupation


  • Brena

    We all love u. Rest in Peace.

  • Occupation

    I want know their parents’ occupation or we us will not be in peace!

  • jumumoo

    Rest in peace

  • REST IN peace

  • WP


  • PH


  • Scarlett

    Rest in peace! 希望所有的海外学子平平安安!

  • Chen


    God please give the parents faith….

  • James


  • Don

    Unfortunately, these two students probably never had a blunt, rude, insensitive lecture on the social economic problems of the surrounding USC neighborhoods. But all students and their parents can be reassured that the american system of justice will go to maximum lengths to protect the rights of the criminal and those who harbor them as always. Good luck to all students but you all are on your own more than 2-3 blocks distance away from the school’s boundaries.

  • Fan DI

    Rest in peace: Ming Qu and Wu Ying.

  • Anson


  • Edison Zhou


  • Zhang


  • Robert Chen

    YING WU MING QU REST IN PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    news channels are reporting that the pair were sitting in a (quote) “$60,000.00 BMW”, which is total nonsense. they are from hard-working class families with middle/middle-low income, scraped savings for a well manicured USED BMW. how dare the propaganda media-manipulators like cnn, chinasmack, bs tang dynasty news, etc concoct the “fuerdai” idea to vilify any young chinese with a decent automobile! these were two very promising new generation of bright young people who would-could-should bring hope and progress for many people! but what moron-retard-loser have gone and pulled the trigger on these two former hopefuls? may he not get away like the perpetrators who killed Yoshihiro Hattori and Vincent Chin!

  • Jackie Bi


  • Mayadong


  • Rui


  • Rest in peace. With all the blessings from the HK alumni community. Fight On!

  • Benjamin F. Bonilla

    Love is strong as death. Rest In Paradise: Ming Qu and Ying Wu.

  • Nes

    Rest in peace!

  • DT


  • Jingyuan


  • david


  • Libysnow

    Love, Innocence, Promise, Hope…stolen by an inhumane act of cruelty. God, please take them in your arms and bring some peace and comfort to their family, friends and loved ones ~

  • Mike A

    RIP. I know that finding the killer won’t bring them back, but I really hope he will be brought to justice. I wish they could find him and send him off to China and let the two families deal with him. Just the thought of someone so heartless and cowardly is disgusting.

  • Catherine

    As a Trojan mom, I mourn these two brave children, who were trying to lead extraordinary lives. I pray for their families, and for the Trojan family. Let us hope that the killer is brought to justice. Let us also hope that from this horrific act comes a greater sense of unity within this community of diversity. Grief knows no borders, no social class, no race or creed.

    • A_USC_Parent

      Very well said, Catherine. Thank you.

  • Garrett


  • Aaron

    God bless them

  • Hanwen


  • HH

    God bless you.

  • Tinana

    May you rest in peace….

  • Yi

    God Bless them!

  • zengxiangshi

    wish you both well

  • Daniel Zhao

    R.I.P, 和自己的爱人一路走好!!!!

  • Cheng

    Godspeed to the hard working detectives and officers working on this case.

  • Garfield


  • YD



  • Kevin


  • JJ

    Godspeed to the hard working detectives and officers working on this case.

  • Rachel Qian

    To own a BMW has higher risk. If you buy a normal one, this won’t be happening.

  • Ye


  • Mike

    Beautiful photos.