Comics offer incentives to maintain readership

It’s a strange time for comics. It’s a strange time for media. Newspapers and books are struggling with the digital market, while films and music are fighting piracy. It’s not that simple to say the Internet is killing traditional media; new forms of distribution and a rise of independent creators are forcing pillars of any […]

Haute Highlights

E-40 Thursday, April 26, at 9 p.m. Key Club Hollywood Seminal Bay Area rapper E-40 should be more than just the butt of jokes about how to “get stupid” and “ghostride the whip.” The prolific musician and entrepreneur has released 17 albums and earned critical acclaim for his signature flow. Perhaps it’s illustrative of E-40’s […]

July marks the best of Trojan athletics

Until we meet again, USC. Wednesday marked the last night of production of The Daily Trojan for the spring semester, which means the semester is coming to a close. We all know what that means for students: Finals. Summer vacation. Job-hunting. But for many USC students, alumni and fans, the end of the semester means […]