The following incidents were reported in the USC Dept. of Public Safety incident report summary between Friday, Oct. 5, and Saturday, Oct. 6.  Crimes against a person At 10:01  P.M. on Oct. 5, DPS officers on routine patrol near the intersection of 36th Place and Normandie Avenue observed a non-USC female who appeared to be […]

Outdoor structure brings art to public

It’s not every day that a 35-foot-tall structure goes up in the middle of an outdoor public space. But until next month, Pasadena residents strolling through One Colorado Courtyard will encounter just that. The aluminum skeleton of a building on display looks as if construction workers left a project abandoned and incomplete, but the structure […]

Trojans can get back into the BCS equation

By now, you’ve likely heard a pundit mention that one team or another controls its own destiny. Just what does it need to do? Run the table. This is college football speak. This has been uttered before. This is hackneyed. But this also pertains to USC. What this means is: If a team can win […]