LAPD detains two in campus shooting

The Los Angeles Police Department has detained two suspects following a shooting that injured four people near the Ronald Tutor Campus Center at approximately 11:45 p.m. on Wednesday, according to campus authorities.

Joseph Chen | Daily Trojan

Only one of the four victims is in critical condition and as of approximately 2 a.m. was undergoing surgery at California Hospital Medical Center, according to LAPD. Three others were injured and immediately transported to California Hospital as well. Neither the suspects, whom LAPD identified as approximately 19-years-old, nor the victims were affiliated with USC.Classes across the university are scheduled to continue as normal Thursday.

The shooting occurred about 100 yards from a Halloween costume party, “Freak or Greek,” which was held in the Ronald Tutor Campus Center’s ballroom. The event, which began at 9 p.m., was hosted by a USC student organization and LA Hype, a night life and entertainment group. The party drew a crowd of about 1,500, according to the Dept. of Public Safety.

“We were waiting outside to get into the party, and we were waiting for a while — maybe 20 or 30 minutes,” said Olivia Gordon, a freshman majoring in psychology. “And all of the sudden, as soon as people started going inside, there were multiple gunshots and everyone who was in line for the party ducked and we all ran.”

A confrontation occurred between two unidentified males, which led one to shoot the other, inadvertently injuring three others in the process, according to DPS Capt. David Carlisle. The intended victim was shot three to four times in the torso, according to LAPD Cmdr. Bob Green. The other three victims did not sustain life-threatening injuries.

“I heard three gunshots … there might have been more than that,” said Christina Nour, a freshman majoring in civil engineering building science. “Then I ducked. It didn’t feel real. It felt like it was a movie because I really haven’t experienced anything like this before. I was running as fast as I can, trying to make sure I didn’t get trampled or tripped. I just ran as fast as I could, as far as I could.”

Michael Jackson, vice president for student affairs, released a statement on the university’s website, saying DPS had been monitoring the area near the party. He also noted the importance of ensuring safety.

“This incident reminds us that we must look out for ourselves and be particularly vigilant about the personal safety of friends and guests at our social events,” Jackson said.

After the shooting, officers at the scene identified the shooter as well as an unidentified male who was fleeing the scene with him. Officers followed the two to Parking Lot 6 and detained them; they also retrieved the handgun used in the shooting from the ground at the lot.

DPS issued a Trojan Alert at 12:02 a.m. on Thursday, asking students to take “shelter in place and avoid opening doors for unknown persons.” DPS and LAPD also immediately cordoned off the area near the shooting, including from Bovard Auditorium to Mudd Hall and from the Campus Center to the eastern edge of Hahn Plaza. The entire University Park Campus was locked down soon after.

Despite the lockdown, LAPD said the event in the Campus Center continued even as the shooting and its aftermath unfolded outside.

“Music continued to play, and they continued to party,” Green said.

At approximately 2 a.m., DPS and LAPD opened the campus to students, faculty and staff with USC identification. The entire campus was reopened at 4:52 a.m.

Assistant DPS Chief John Thomas said that the incident was not indicative of the overall level of safety in and around USC.

“[USC has] a great partnership with the Los Angeles Police Department. We are one of the safest campuses in the country — we make sure that we have the necessary resources at the event, we do necessary planning and unfortunately [the shooting] happened outside,” he said. “These are individuals that unfortunately came here and decided to disrupt what otherwise would have been a very peaceful event, like all of our events on campus.”

Joey Kaufman, Eddie Kim, Annalise Mantz, Daniel Rothberg and Yasmeen Serhan contributed to this report.
  • Calling it like I see it

    USC needs to stop allowing locals anywhere near campus. Throw political correctness aside. USC needs to accept the fact that South Central is a war zone and secure the campus appropriately.

  • 3ACR Soldier

    USC needs to start spending more money on hiring campus police to help better patrol and protect campus. In my opinion USC is one of the top schools in the country in a great city. USC is not the only school in the country with students being shot. Virginia Tech has had two major shooting by a serial killer and Baylor a private college in the state of Texas had basketball players shot other people on campus. USC gets a bad rep because the campus is in the heart of LA but colleges all around the country have crime and shootings. USC does need to spend more money on hiring law enforcement officers. I have never had a problem on campus.
    Crime and bullets have no name or address!! Just look at the movie theater shooting in a nice neighborhood in Colorado or all the high school shootings in nice neighborhoods. Crime does not only happen in the inner city but also in nice gang free places.

    • Douglas Todd

      USC does not and never has employed campus police. The California State schools (i,e. CSUN, CSULA, Cal Poly Pomona) and University of California schools (i.e. UCLA, UC Berkeley) have campus police departments. USC, LMU, University of San Diego and other PRIVATE schools employ BSIS licensed security guards.

      In California, private schools are prohibited from creating their own police police agency.

      The simple solution is to follow the Stanford model and partner with Sheriff Leroy Baca who can deputize USC DPS staff and make them deputy sheriffs. When/if he authorizes that, USC DPS would have law enforcement authority. This model is already in use in Los Angeles County at the Community Colleges, see:

      The next time you see one of our DPS ‘officers’ think Securitas or Wakenhut. Just don’t fall for the myth they are police. Lower your expectations and welcome back to reality!

  • Claire

    I am a new USC parent. I received a call from my son at midnight last night to let me know he was safe, but I did not sleep all night. I think the USC community should be given details and answers immediately. For starters, was this a gang/drug related situation? The news says Geno was the “intended victim.” Sounds like a gang hit.

    Did a half hour lapse after the shooting before the students were warned by text to stay inside?

    Who do we contact? Should we organize a meeting?

    • another USC parent

      Hi Claire.

      Below from Neon Tommy–a point of contact for you. Accountability is crucial:

      “After numerous calls—and in-person requests—for comment to university officials, Vice President for Student Affairs Michael L. Jackson sent the media an email saying the following:

      “…The event in question was approved as an exception to the university’s date and time requirements because no alcohol was to be served and to allow the student group to hold an event on Halloween.”

    • another USC parent

      Hi Claire.

      See my reference below regarding a USC contact for you.

    • student14

      Let’s be realistic here. University officials, DPS, and LAPD would not be able to immediately get those details to us, they would not know right away if this was gang/drug-related. They may have speculations of course, but they would not, and should not, say anything without confirmation of the facts. I think the details that they did give out were the most important ones, to let students know of the shooting, that a suspect had been apprehended, and most importantly, when the threat was over. I’m sure they are working on the other details and will let everyone know when they are confident every fact they have is correct. You wouldn’t want journalists reporting false speculation for the sake of appeasing people and “breaking” the news first, so why would you expect university officials to do so as well?

      • another USC parent

        All I am suggesting is that students be alerted in a timely way there is an incident in the heart of campus that warrants taking measures to secure their safety. Once a shot is fired on campus and several are confirmed to be shot, there is not a need for any information other than “take cover”. Yes, it could have been gang related or a personal reprisal. No one knows at this point, but as of the shooting the possibility of reprisals or other responses providing danger to USC students could not be ruled out. Yet, students were unaware of any occurrence for 29 or more minutes. I am sure you and others can readily think of ways to inform students of a potentially dangerous in the heart of the campus in less that 29, or more for some, minutes.

  • @ North Uni Park

    We decided to block you…Meow!

  • North University Park

    I agree with David and others that blame the USC administration. A third party sponsors an on campus party that atracts 1500 persons inside and 500 others milling about outside waiting to get in. There were only 14 DPS officers assigned to the event.

    Isn’t that already a recipe for disaster? Heads should roll.

  • rymlaw

    Welcome to the jungle (aka Los Angeles). As I was typing my last post regarding the incident (my nephew is currently a student at SC), I hear helicopters and loud sirens outside our building (on mid-Wilshire). I look outside from the 25th floor and see cop cars, ambulances and news vans outside on Wilshire Blvd. Apparently, a girl was shot outside across the street from our building in front of a B/A. I pray that she makes it and that the gunman is apprehended. Its a crazy world we live in these days. TO EVERYONE PLEASE BE CAREFUL AND VIGILANT ALL THE TIME.

  • ras

    To add insult to injury – this afternoon at the corner of 30th and Orchard (a common location many students pass through, to and from campus) there were TWO LAPD officers staked out caddy-corner. Their primary function – stop the dangerous scourge to society known as the BICYCLIST that does not come to a complete stop at the stop sign. ARE YOU F*CKING KIDDING ME!!!!!!! I saw one of these officers ticket a girl because she just rode her bike without coming to a full and complete stop at the stop sign. Again, SHE WAS ON A BICYCLE!!!!!! In this retarded city of LA, if you want to tag other people’s property and gun down four people in the middle of a campus where students pay an arm and a leg to attend – well then of course as the shooter you are the victim since obviously you come from a repressed society that caused you to be a criminal…however, if you pay outrageous taxes and tuition – well watch out because the LAPD still want to squeeze more money out of you for riding a bicycle like any other human being in any other city in this country. LA is run by retarded monkeys looking to turn it into a gang infested, third world welfare state. Parents, save your money and send your kids to UCLA. The chances of them not getting shot or raped is better and you will not be pumping money into the retarded City Council and Mayor who can only bang the race card drum and not be happy until LA becomes more like a third world barrio.

    • Twan


      The law even applies to pretty white girls on bikes

    • North University Park

      Nice rant, Ras. Was she also going the wrong way? Bicycle safety means that cyclists must also obey traffic rules. It’s for your own safety.

      • ras

        My point is I would rather police resources be spent going after gang banging thugs gunning ppl down instead of a chick on a bike. I will take my chances with the chick on the bike but I will not be so evenly matched with armed ghetto monkeys.

    • 3ACR Soldier

      Check your facts and read this!
      USC needs to start spending more money on hiring campus police to help better patrol and protect campus. In my opinion USC is one of the top schools in the country in a great city. USC is not the only school in the country with students being shot. Virginia Tech has had two major shooting by a serial killer and Baylor a private college in the state of Texas had basketball players shot other people on campus. USC gets a bad rep because the campus is in the heart of LA but colleges all around the country have crime and shootings. USC does need to spend more money on hiring law enforcement officers. I have never had a problem on campus.
      Crime and bullets have no name or address!! Just look at the movie theater shooting in a nice neighborhood in Colorado or all the high school shootings in nice neighborhoods. Crime does not only happen in the inner city but also in nice gang free places.

  • rymlaw

    The problem I see is that Campus Security are a bunch of wimps. Let LAPD have access to the inside of campus at least with LAPD no one and I repeat no one will try to mess with any of these cops. DPS is useless, they will not stop you they just collect their paychecks. THUGS, GANGBANGERS are not afraid of Campus Security, DPS or anything that pretends to be cops. LAPD is the solution to this problem. Give LAPD officers access to patrol the campos, have an LAPD substation 1/s block from campus. Thats it. No other solutions. Let LAPD be in charge.

  • Student in Awe

    I was in Leavey Library at the time of the shooting. For those of you who don’t know campus, it’s a stone’s throw away from VKC (where one of the victims was treated) and about a 3 minute walk from the Campus Center. We suddenly see the ambulances and fire trucks storm through McCarthy quad and know something is up. Of course, our generation immediately heads to Twitter to find the most up-to-date information. A shooting at Campus Center. The suspect has fled on foot.

    29 minutes later we receive an alert (I received mine ten minutes later than a peer next to me.) “A shooting was reported in the area of the campus center. Shelter in place and avoid opening doors.”

    Let me reiterate, 29 minutes later!

    I could have walked, (or worse, the suspect at large) back and forth from the campus center to Leavey Library 10 times before I’d even be notified by the “Trojan Alert” system. Let’s take a frightening flashback to the Virginia Tech shooting of last year. 33 killed in a University Library.

    Don’t you think USC/LAPD should have sent an officer to stand in front of the main library entrance?
    Or how about give a short address on the PA loudspeaker ensuring our safety?
    How about any instructions at all?

    Nothing. Not a word. Not a security guard/DPS officer/LAPD officer in sight. In fact, I walked in and out of the library without my ID even being checked twice between 11-2am. I’m glad that they are using the PA system efficiently to make sure we secure our bikes to the racks, but not to tell us that we are safe inside and to stay put. Some students stayed while others left. At 2am, Twitter reports said the suspect was caught but the campus was still on “Lockdown.” I walked to my car and drove off without a DPS guard checking my ID, or even asking me pull down my window. Could the shooter/other members of his gang been in the car behind me fleeing? Who knows?

    I’m not a complainer. In fact, I’ve never written on the Daily Trojan forum in 4 years here. But last night USC did not do its job of making me feel secure. They sent late vague text alerts, abandoned me and my peers with no direction, and lost a lot of my trust. Last week LAPD cited me $300 for Jaywalking. I think they should get their priorities in order…

    My sympathies go out to the victims and I wish them a speedy recovery.

    Let me reiterate. I love USC. I love the Trojan Family. I wouldn’t trade my decision to go here for all the money in the world. But last night, USC, you betrayed me. If only I was hungrier and wanted to grab a bite from one of the campus center eateries an hour before. If only.

    • rymlaw

      The problem is see is that Campus Security or DPS or whatever you want to call those wimps are basically useless. Gangbangers and thugs are not scared a bit of these clowns. Let LAPD patrol the inside of campus, put a substation of LAPD inside campus. Believe me, security is useless they do not scare the enemy. But, LAPD will shut these clowns. Please Mr. Nikias pull the trigger and let LAPD PATROL THE INSIDE OF CAMPUS.

      • Student

        LAPD does patrol on the inside of campus…maybe you should actually visit once in a while

        • rymlaw

          And when LAPD patrols the campus do violent crimes happen. My question is where there LAPD cops the night of this event? Outsiders are not scared of campus police or DPS because they know that their powers to arrest with force is limited. This is Los Angeles, not a college town in the midwest or some rural area. Career gang members and thugs know this. As a student the presence of campus security may scare you, but not gang bangers. To them campus offcers are just security guards. I have been to campus to visit my nephew and see locals skateboarding on campus. I can tell they don’t go to school at SC because they’re not even old enough to be on college. What do the campus police do? NOTHING.

          • Douglas Todd

            USC does not have nor employ campus police. USC DPS are security guards licensed by BSIS. They are NOT police, have no authority off campus. If they were police, it would say so on their website and on their cars and uniforms. They would also be licensed by California Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST). Do NOT take my word for it, simply do a Google search or take a look at their badges and cars.

            BTW: what police officer do you know of that has to have a guard card, a baton card and a gun permit issued by BSIS?

            When you see DPS, think security guard.

  • Parent and Alum

    My daughter is a sophmore at USC and from the first day she moved on campus I noticed the lack of security particularly around the perimeter of campus and in the neighborhood off campus where the majority of USC students live. I also have a daughter who is a junior at the Univ of Penn (an Ivy) which is also located in an urban neighborhood like USC. The security presence on campus and blocks around UPenn is far superior to USC. As a parent, I know she is safe on and around campus.

    USC MUST beef up security not only on campus but on the perimeter of campus and the blocks off campus where most students live. If security presence is highly visible, it would make anyone think twice about bringing a gun on campus regardless of what type of event is being held and who is attending. I certainly do not want this incident to be a poor reflection on the BSA and affect any future events of the BSA. THE PROBLEM IS AND HAS ALWAYS BEEN THE LACK OF SECURITY. AS A PARENT, I SPEND TOO MUCH IN FULL TUITION NOT TO FEEL SAFE!!!!



    • another USC parent

      A starting point for anyone wanting to inquire who was in charge: From Neon Tommy:

      “After numerous calls—and in-person requests—for comment to university officials, Vice President for Student Affairs Michael L. Jackson sent the media an email saying the following:

      “…The event in question was approved as an exception to the university’s date and time requirements because no alcohol was to be served and to allow the student group to hold an event on Halloween.”

  • rymlaw

    To further exacerbate this matter, I can just see lawsuits against USC from the victims for this incident. WHO IS IN CHARGE?

  • I am a recent alumnus, and I still come to campus for events like conferences and public lectures. Obviously the university can’t shut all non-USC folks out of events like those on campus.

    The security issue here seems to be that someone was able to bring a firearm into a crowded area. One can only assume that the gunman must have been extremely stupid, as he was immediately apprehended. The fact is that a stupid, impulsive person could do exactly this sort of thing at LA Live, or in Times Square, where they would just as likely be immediately apprehended.

    As far as prevention goes, I suppose DPS could have set up a wider security perimeter and frisked everyone for guns. I’m sure this shooting could not have occurred within the venue. Or the event could have required advance online RSVPs, to discourage people from congregating outside, waiting to get in.

    I don’t think there need to be any dramatic changes to university policies, other than more fuding for special security at large-scale event like this, to be paid for by the promoters. I mean, even Art Walk has to pay the LAPD for additional security.

  • Chitown

    Wow, what happened to the Trojan Family I keep hearing about. I see the true colors coming out and it’s not USC cardinal and gold.

  • Chitown

    Wow, what happened to the Trojan Family I keep hearing about. I see the true colors coming out and it’s not USC cardinal and gold.


  • JuniorGreek

    University policy holds that no parties after 10pm may be held during the week. This is the rule they use to HAMMER the Row into submission. Row events are generally USC only and very exclusive! Why was another campus group allowed to have an open event on campus? The campus is profiling GREEKS when it should be after the thugs. Unbelievable!

    • Double Standard?

      Hush hush JG, the black groups have never been held to those rules. That’s only for the Row and those crazy white kids.

  • another USC parent

    Columbia University is in Spanish Harlem, Yale in an economically disadvantaged part of New Haven, Connecticut. I have not read about violence on these campuses. As others have pointed out, perhaps we can learn from these top academic institutions since this is the echelon USC is broaching. I suggest the same administration diligence that has shepherded USC to a top 25 (or greater) academic institution be applied to the social/safety environment. Involve all stakeholders–administration, trustees. alums, students, parents, campus security and LAPD for a careful examination and initiate change where needed. Bottom line, what are the social needs and interests of the current student body and are they being safely served by social offerings at present. Safety, security and student health would seem to be priorities for all.

    Judging from the the Playboy #2 rating and other media notoriety, a party school reputation exists for USC. Talking to some Greeks, the party reputation is a source of pride, to others, Greek and non-Greek, it is quite the opposite. I expect a party reputation, deserved or not, does influence who is attracted to the USC campus–both students and non-students.

    It is not clear, yet, from all I have read, if this was a Greek/non-Greek, BSA/non-BSA or combination event. What does matter is USC allowed the event to occur. As others have pointed out, a Halloween, late night event, marketed as this one was should never have been approved. President Nikias needs to identify who did not exercise responsibility and there needs to be consequences. I agree the President Nikias “apology letter” falls far short of the mark and does little to assuage concerns of parents and alums. Perhaps there will soon me more to follow from the President’s Office.

    Various posters have remarked they are no longer considering USC for their younger children and others transferring from USC. Most everyone seems to understand inherent risks in our society with guns permeating daily life. Yet, it seems some parents and others are left with the sense the social/health/safety environment at USC has not received the attention it requires–now requires urgently. I. for one, do not want to see USC lose all the benefit of the hard work to improve every aspect of its academic status to attract the best and brightest.

    I can’t imagine students or parents feel the same sense of safety following this tragedy involving Tutor Center, the symbolic heart of USC. This can and should be a defining moment for all to focus on creating an unquestionably laudable aspect of student life equally important to academic excellence–excellence in the social/safety environment.

    • Carl

      You want a good school in a bad neighborhood, try University of Chicago. Way worse than SC. 6 murders in surrounding area since January.

  • Peter


    • Student

      Pull them out. The campus is safe, this is a random incident.

  • Mary

    Who ever is responsible for security on our campus is an utter failure and needs to be replaced, and that would include the administration that oversees, or apparently neglects, security. This is absurd that all of this gun violence occurs on campus. WE NEED A CHANGE AT THE TOP!!!

  • Ras

    I want a name – WHO ultimately authorized this party to take place? I want names

    • Student

      There are authorized on campus parties almost every day of the school year.

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  • Ed

    This is a extremely difficult racial situation.

    I lament the fact that law-abiding African-American individuals out there will be ridiculed for the actions of some. However, it is a fact that all the shootings that have been occurring on or around USC have been a result of African-Americans.

    But what can be done? Why kind of response can the school take such that we maintain a balance of freedom and security on campus?

    Do we increase secruity dramatically? We could, but this would be terribly inefficient and would dampen a sence of freedom on campus.

    Do we have security target blacks in and around campus? One could argue that this would be more efficient as a campus as a whole, and I hate to say it but this might effectively dampen crime, but at the cost of one racial group’s freedom and rights, which I can’t in my heart approve of.

    So what can we do? What can we possibly do? I don’t know.

  • jacque

    The issue is the administration needs the community board to approve all future development so they never take the side of the victims and ostracize those who are to blame which in ALL the past few cases have been local gangs. Armed Homeless (fact) loiter around USC owned property, the UV and all the strip malls on fig are owned by USC. This isnt an issue of racial profiling. It is an issue of property protection. Unless you are a paying customer meaning students and patrons of the UV. Get the F Out. Ask any student if they know someone “held up” at either knife or gun point id bet money more than 75% do.

    • Gabriel

      What? Put the pipe down as it is making you slur

      • Anette

        What part did you not get? I understood it perfectly well. It’s the mumbo jumbo that you had written earlier that had me confused.

  • Tina

    Time to close the row down for good! How many more stories do I need to read about “Greeks” gone bad?

    • This incident wasn’t on the row and had nothing to do with Greeks. It was co-sponsored by a non-Greek organization and an outside party promoter!

      • Tina

        Which non-Greek organization? I keep reading “Greek”

        • Anonymous

          Black Student Association. They’ve since scrubbed their site.

          • Tina

            How do you know they scrubbed their site?



  • As a parent of a freshman at USC, I am appalled that the security wouldn’t be tighter at an on-campus event. I drank the kool-aid at orientation parent programs where administrators assured us that campus security was tight. How tight can it be when an event in the student center on Halloween is open to the general public? I don’t even think admission was charged or bags were checked. Security is tighter going to a football game at the Coliseum. I have another child in high school who wants to be a Trojan, too, but I am re-thinking my decision to send my first-born here. All events on the Row were cancelled because administrators were concerned about drunken brawls by students which might tarnish USC academic rep when it’s trying to rid itself of its party-school rep. I’ll stick with party-school over violent crime school! Maybe my freshman should start the application process again — this time as a transfer!!!

  • Chris

    This is a terrible event and I hope those hurt will be ok. However, those who say required IDs for people to enter USC has problems to it.

    See the problem with required Trojan ID to enter campus is that verifying each ID for every person who passes into the parameter of USC (38,000+ enrollment plus staff) would be a logistical nightmare. How are going to check every single person that passes through by car, bus, and walking? This would considerablly impede the schools preformance and create great congestion. And what about tailgate weekend? And amping up policing and surveillance on campus, while perhaps marginally increasing security(the school is already well secured), further increases the already present sence that we’re living on a prison campus. And on top of that, these things will only provide a false sence of security. They don’t directly address a solution to the problem patterns of the shootings we’ve had: Late night, parties, events. Perhaps one solution may be to require Trojan IDs campus events.

    • MD2012

      The shooting did not occur inside the event , it occured outside the event but on campus property. The school’s open campus policy is NOT working. I don’t agree with those who say 38,000 people having to show ID is logistically impossible . It is possible. USC has several entrances not all 38,000 people will be going through one entrance at the same time. At parents weekend I consistently saw homeless people who were going through the USC trash cans and walking amongst the students , one even hanging around outside a residence hall exit door which was really worrying. Two things are what parents want to see right now,
      1.No more open campus policy
      2.USC ID to step foot onto USC property period.

      • Dan

        As a recent graduate, I was conflicted about those rummaging through the trash. I accepted those who wanted to pull from trash cans outdoors on campus, but was not ok with those waiting outside the residence hall doors. I always slammed the door before they could enter. I don’t care what the situation is; that’s trespassing and possible endangerment, not to mention all the stolen property reports that show up in Roundup that are found to be done by non-students.

  • Steve B.

    A former student and Trojan alum of years past. Go on campus whenever I attend a sporting event or musical concert day or night even at the Galen Ctr. Security needs to be tightened, and maybe a metal detector used for these kind of parties that are open to the surrounding community. Another gun control instance that is not addressed. What is with a mid-week bash that lasts past midnight when school in session. Smart students need to stay away to avoid being caught in a situation that happened. I am liberal as the next one, just need to use common sense when things don’t feel right.

  • usc studentt

    it doesnt matter what group threw on this party. the fact that this was blatantly advertised by the promoter as a public party- someone needs to be held accountable. if this happened on the row, the row would be shut down immediatly until something changed. i dont see a double standard? (btw this was no way affiliated w greek life) it was not about the amount of security, it was about the environment that occured bc preventative measures werent take to ensure school policy was being followed.

    • Gabriel

      Why do I imagine you stuttering?

      • Pike #1

        Cold Bro!

  • usc student

    it doesnt matter what group threw on this party. the fact that this was blatantly advertised by the promoter as a public party- someone needs to be held accountable. it was not about the amount of security, it was about the environment that occured bc preventative measures werent take to ensure school policy was being followed.

  • Nancy

    I just read President Nikias’ “Assuaging Letter”. I must say that I am weary of reading these “Dont’ worry people, everything is all right” letters from our President.

    I do not want to read, in future, what the reaction to these incidents is, I want to know now, what Mr. President is doing to prevent these occurances–very very disturbing trend under this Administration.

  • SC Mom w/ Greek Son

    I am horrified at what this video depicts. Last night my son was ministering to his fraternity brothers on the Row the word of God without alcohol and without licentious women. How dare anyone associate this on campus event with the SC Greek system.

    My son and I are praying for all those that were shot that they fully recover. Those responsible shall pay the price of eternal damnation in lakes of fire!


      You obviously have never been to the row on a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday Night.

      • SC Mom w/ Greek Son

        My son and his fraternity brothers would never be involved in such behavior. He is a member of the top fraternity at SC and I have seen pictures and video of his fraternity’s events. There is nothing close to what that video shows.

        I have been to the house on a Friday and Saturday night. In fact, only a few weeks ago during Parent’s Weekend. I took part in a prayer meeting after the football game in the dining room with nearly 20 of his fraternity brothers. Every single one a true gentlemen and believer in His Word!

        Judge not, lest you be judged!

        Again my son and I are praying for all!

        God Bless!

    • Snippy

      re: SC Mom w/Greek son @10:57 AM

      Shhh, quiet, honey. The grownups are trying to talk about what happened. Run along and pray quietly.

      • SC Mom w/ Greek Son

        I happen to be a SC graduate and have every right to comment and express my opinion. My son and I will pray that you find peace in His Word.

        God Bless!

  • Angry parent demanding change

    A midnight call from my daughter crying – shooter on campus. Lunatics with guns may not be preventable, but this is entirely different. My daughter said that she was terrified as she walked through the campus center last night on her way home from a project she was working on. it was obvious to her that there was a large crowd of non-students. DPS officers sat on there and watched, without offering to help.

    This was a disaster waiting to happen. An outside group promoted the party to anyone 18+ OR with a student ID. This should never have been allowed. Once the crowd scene developed with obvious non-students, the DPS should have ordered non-students off campus and arrested any that did not comply. The university is private property and has the right to control access.

    The DPS smug attitdue that this isn’t a problem because no students, faculty or staff were involved is absolutely intolerable. A shooter on campus is a major problem. Frankly the attitude of DPS is bad from the top down. Shortly after last April’s murder my daughter reported a death threat that someone made to her. DPS treated her like it was her fault.

    President Nikias and the board of trustees have done an excellent job in raising the academic standards of USC. Now they need to do the same with safety on campus. The first order of business must be to start a top down attitude change and personnel change at DPS. Perhaps other alternatives should be reviewed including eliminating DPS and hiring police services from LAPD or LASD. Then a review of policies with changes to improve safety on and off campus. This requires real changes to be implemented now.

    • Mc


    • Alum 05

      Completely and totally agree. The undergrads laughing here don’t get it. I’m an uncle several times over and after a few years in the working world you see how organizations REALLY operate. This is definitely a top-down issue.

  • Joe

    All these bullets flying and not one hit Kiffin!

  • Conceal and Carry

    None of this would have happened if the bad guys knew SC students were packing heat.

  • Jim

    This stuff NEVER happens at UCLA. Why is that? What could possibly be the reason that UCLA (situated in west Los Angeles) and USC (situated in south central) have such stark differences in violence and crime statistics? What could it possibly be? What? SOMEBODY TELL ME!

  • USC Parent

    In my view it is totally unacceptable for a university in SC’s location to allow nighttime events such as this without greater security arrangements. It is totally foreseeable that a Halloween party open to the public after midnight will draw outsiders whom are armed and could harm other attendees.

    At a minimum, such events, if even allowed, have such a strong potential to draw an unsavory crowd a significantly greater level of security is essential, such as metal detectors at campus entrances.

    It would make sense for the event sponsor to cover these costs if it is open to non students. Where is the 7% tuition increase being spent… Certainly not to beef up security.

  • Afrocentricity

    What astounds me is the level of raczism ehibited by the commentators on this board. If this had been a white party on 28th Street you all would have said “let boys be boys”. But since this event involved African American males you are up in arms. I have attended many SC Hype events over the years. And yes, I like to get my freak on. Don’t point the finger at the black man you fear. Look in the mirror and see that the enemy is you.

    • Casey

      Four people haven’t been shot at a “white party on 28th Street” though

      • Tawn

        Not yet?

    • Ras

      It is so funny when I hear super liberal people say we all should ignore obvious trends and problems that are right in front of our eyes – and ignore them because they are so obvious!

      Yes – If white frat boys are constantly tagging other people’s property and shooting each other for wearing blue or red and it is a constant ongoing problem – then yes society would also stereotype them as well. Stop using political correctness as a cowardly way to avoid confronting the problme that is clearly in front of your nose!

  • anne

    Outrageous lack of campus oversight. Todd Dickey, you need to step down. This is pure unadulterated sleeping on the job! Sickening.

  • Ras

    Whenever you get 10 or more black young men together at a party – the likelihood of a shooting jumps astronomically. Call this offensive, paranoid, ignorant racist and whatever politically correct platitude you want – you just can’t argue with the facts. BTW – all the lily white liberals who would call me a racist would all rather their fair white daughters not attend these events and you hypocrites know it!

    Also – why does USC/DPS always try to distance themselves from incidents like this as non-USC affiliated? YOU HAD PEOPLE GUNNED DOWN IN THE MIDDLE OF THE USC CAMPUS!!!! Do you think stray bullets know if a person had USC ID or not? The fact DPS keeps emphasizing this tells me they are either hypocrites OR they are not well prepared for future incidents like this because they obviously do not think this is as big a safety breach because it just so happens no students, staff or employees were involved.

  • Doug

    It is way past time for the Administration to begin to govern who comes onto campus. I am tired of seeing gangs of druken outsiders roaming through campus on their scateboards and bicycles. I am tired of seeing bums fight over who gets the contents of the garbage cans around campus, I am sick and tired of the campus trying to be everything to everybody, namely non-students, who live in the nighborhood. As parents, we pay a ton of money to USC to educate and to protect our children. It is an outrageous negligence to allow any tom dick and harry to come onto campus day or night. There has to be some sort of eyeballing of inappropriate people coming onto to campus.

    This was a campus event for students–no one else should be there, period. Fix it Nikias or we will find someone who can.

    A very disgruntled worried parent.

  • Trojan

    The student org organizing this event needs to take full responsibility for this and explain they didn’t follow university policy

  • USC Dad

    Halloween Party Promo
    Watch This!

  • Concerned Parent

    Why isn’t DPS and LAPD all
    over the safe zone this morning to make my student feel safe? She didn’t see a single officer on her way to class!

  • David

    It’s not about security. Anyone can go to any college campus with a gun and do something stupid.

    It’s about intolerably bad campus policy. Why in the world would USC allow a third party promoter to come to the heart of campus on HALLOWEEN night and host a party that is bound to attract this kind of crowd?

    Start by firing the student affairs dean or executive who allowed this to happen.

    • usc studentt

      totally agree! no amount of security could have prevented this. it was a failure in campus policy that created an unsafe environment for usc students.

  • Jessy

    USC campus events should be STRICTLY USC. End of story. its so irresponsible to be otherwise. The promoter of this party was advertising to anyone “even if you look suspect you just have to pay more”. how is this allowed??!!

  • Concerned Parent

    . Three unrelated shooting incidents within 7 months is staggering–all of which involved students because they were present even when not the victims. The two murders last year were outside the so called safe zone but this was at the very heart of it. This is completely unacceptable. The university needs to focus its undivided attention on safety first as the rest is secondary. And this includes year round safety as the students are required by landlords to take yearlong leases not school year leases. People won’t send their kids here if USC doesn’t make it safe. We wont keep our children there if this isn’t stopped. Keep non students, staff and faculty off campus and out of any USC group sponsored events and increase the police presence in the safe zone dramatically. NOW

    • Anonymous

      Don’t forget about the armed robbery on the Row last year a week or two after the double homicide.

    • Alum 05

      I completely and totally agree. This is both shocking and disgusting because the university is talking out of both sides of its mouth. On the one hand, gosh we’re so wonderful and increasing our academic rise and we’re one of the world’s elite universities and blah blah blah and on the other hand, we have shootings, crime, and athletic scandals.

      COME ON, USC. Exactly how much are you charging each year now? $60,000 a year? Do you have any idea whatsoever how many middle class families don’t even consider your school now?

      Give me a break. Fix the stupid safety on campus already and have Haden clean up the athletic program. Those of us who came to USC over other more highly ranked schools are sick and tired of having to defend our decisions. See comments below about kids who chose USC over Ivies.

      With all that extra tuition money coming in – from full-pay kids and federal loans – you’d figure the least that they could do was ensure a safe campus.

    • talysa

      All Universities in the nation can’t stop non-students from coming onto the campus; if not because of USC safeties (individuals with no USC id are not allowing inside) the shooting would have happened inside the venue/tutor center building. I understand how you feel, my daughter is a sophomore at USC, I was scared and worried when I heard about the shooting but I wasn’t upset at USC. Like they said “These are individuals that unfortunately came here and decided to disrupt…” Just thank God that SC students were safe.

      • David


        Yes, anyone can go to any college campus with a gun and do something stupid.

        But have you no concern about the terrible campus policy? Why in the world would USC allow a third party promoter to come to the heart of campus on HALLOWEEN night and host a party that is bound to attract this kind of crowd?

        Start by firing the student affairs dean or executive who allowed this to happen.

    • talysa

      And I am sure that we all knew how badly the surrounding area around USC but we still sent our kids there. So we just have to believe the school and pray for our kids to be safe.

    • Mc

      I’m never had a problem in my four years. But I’m awesome.

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  • Trojanpb

    This shows again kind of events that Program Board puts on. Events that as students we pay for but that in the end are attended by outsiders. Clearly the Geragos kid needs to fire the BSA person that was in charge and the PB director, Juan something.

    • Another Trojan

      You’re a dumbass

    • Annoyed Student

      You’re ignorant and clearly have no idea or don’t read articles. This is the first time a student organization has had an issue like this so your comment on “This shows again the kind of events that program board puts on” has absolutely NO validity. Maybe you should look at the larger picture and turn your negative views on the campus security you are paying for rather than the people who sponsored the event and paid for security.

      • Trojan Student

        I don’t think he was referring to a lack of safety at PB events, but rather that students pay for PB events with the Activities fee in all of our tuitions, and these events are then in turn attended by large numbers of non-students for free or at reduced cost. This unfortunately poses a security risk as non-students in this part of LA are significantly more likely to instigate this kind of incident then a students are.



      • Gabriel

        Why did the BSA scrub the website event calender?

  • Ryan

    Please Google “SC Hype” and watch Youtube video “LA Hype Presents SC Hype” for a little idea of how a previous event on campus went. Turn the sound down if you are easily offended because the lyrics are sick!

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  • Alumni

    Completely appalled by the comment referring to the event as a “ghetto nightclub”!

    USC is an open campus in the middle if LA – students do need to be reminded, constantly, to be aware of their surroundings. I was on campus during the LA Riots and the University did an excellent job securing the campus.

    • Parent and alum

      Punks with guns shooting each other in the middle of the campus should offend you a heckuva lot more than someone’s description.

    • Fred

      Another shooting at USC, and the sun rises in the east. Some things don’t change.
      Meanwhile, commenters like you are “appalled” when race is mentioned, since the media omits it, going so far as to cover up the name of the “student organization”, as if we couldn’t figure it out.

      Like it or not, violent crime is dramatically higher in cities with “majority minority” populations. That’s not opinion, its DOJ statistics, which don’t change, year over year, except that they’re getting worse under the current administration

      You won’t solve the problem by pretending it doesn’t exist.

  • USC Alumna

    USC needs to fund for more campus security
    And the protection of our students, faculty and staff. Due to its immense openness it’s hard to keep people off campus who don’t belong- I used to walk through campus going to/from work – home. However , for all campus events SECURITY is obvious.

  • LJ

    Having been a student, I know this IS the level of security on the campus. Student safety means nothing to the administrators, and they only act if they are forced to. It’s pretty telling when a statement issued by the president basicly says “This is ok because the victim and shooter weren’t USC students. It’s important you watch out for yourselves.” That’s been the attitude every time there is violence: everything is fine, and all students need to do to be safe is look around every so often. Sorry, but the continual robberies, rapes, and murders that occur here tell me otherwise.

    Administrators need to start making REAL efforts to protect the students, not just tell them they’re on their own. It’s not like the campus doesn’t have the money. Seriously, in the years I was on campus, the only thing DPS ever did was harrass students on bikes and direct traffic. Oh, and of course ride around on segways. It’s a matter of a very bad attitude and incredibly poor priorities.

    • JL

      Exactly right.

      Read the crime reports. Do the math. USC is the most dangerous campus I’ve ever been to. And the amount of security is barely enough to get the job done, and totally inadequate off campus.

      This is the second shooting this year. Does that sound safe?

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  • David

    It makes no sense that USC would permit an outside promoter to sponsor a party like this on Halloween. Especially at the Tutor Center. If I were a member of Ronald Tutor’s family I would immediately demands that whoever allowed this to happen be fired. This is no different, and just as absurd, as USC tolerating raves taking place at the coliseum. And we all know where that ended up.

    USC administrators: the extra $$$ which you get from these events is not really needed and is not worth the loss of esteem and repute this university has spent the past decade winning year after year.

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  • Pingback: USC shooting: Classes to be held as normal after suspects detained – Los Angeles Times()

  • Pingback: USC shooting: Classes to be held as normal after suspects detained – Los Angeles Times |

  • Pingback: USC shooting: Classes to be held as normal after suspects detained – Los Angeles Times |

  • Pingback: USC shooting: Classes to be held as normal after suspects detained – Los Angeles Times()

  • Pingback: USC shooting: Classes to be held as normal after suspects detained – Los Angeles Times()

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  • Pingback: USC shooting: Classes to be held as normal after suspects detained – Los Angeles Times()

  • Pingback: 4 Wounded at USC Campus Shooting in Los Angeles - ABC News | Newz Kast()

  • Parent and alum

    Why is a promoter inviting non USC people to a party in our campus center? What student organization partnered with the promoter? What needs to change so this doesn’t happen again? Because despite what the DPS spokesman Thomas said – this certainly DOES indicate a problem with the level of safety on campus – in the very heart of our campus! The students, staff and families deserve prompt answers to each of these questions, do they not?

    • MD2012

      I am shocked and disgusted on hearing this news. Everyone should have USC ID upon entering the campus that is just common sense.

    • fight on

      The party was “Freaks or Greeks”, sponsored by the Black Student Association … news organizations aren’t mentioning the group, but a google search on “Freaks and Greeks” will find the flyer

      • Parent and alum

        Okay, that’s one answer. Students, employees and parents still deserve to know why the Black Student Organization was allowed to partner with a promoter who basically turned our beautiful campus center into some sort of ghetto nightclub. And what guidelines for student groups need to change so that this never happens again?

        • BostonCardinal

          “beautiful campus center”? What do you think your campus is now Stanford and you are now in Palo Alto? Get real.

          • Gabriel

            Tutor Center is incredibly beautiful. Stanford doesn’t even really have a campus center.

          • Alum of USC and Stanford

            Yes, the Ronald Tutor center is gorgeous. And, yes, I have attended both universities. Don’t be so naive, BostonCardinal.

        • Alum

          “Ghetto nightclub?” Completely inappropriate and offensive. As a parent and alum, you should know better.

          • Parent and alum

            What do you call a nightclub where thugs with guns shoot each other?

          • Ryan

            Please Google “SC Hype” and watch the Youtube video of a previous event held on campus by this same group. See if you are still offended.

        • Alumni

          This comment, referring to a “ghetto nightclub” is extremely offensive. It is clear that the term “ghetto” would not have been used had the event not been put on by a Black organization on campus. The racial bigotry in this comment reflects a greater problem of racial tension that is growing in the USC community.

          Comments like this make me ashamed to be a Trojan. Do better.

          • Parent and alum

            This comment reflects the greater problem of liberal stupidity, which makes ME ashamed to be a Trojan. Yes, “Alumni,” let’s get all wrapped up about someone accurately describing what happened – it was, in fact, the ghetto intruding onto the campus as other comments have also acknowledged. Let’s get all indignant about THAT and ignore the larger question which is why ANY student organization – the Chess Club, the Song Girls, and YES the Black Student Association – is allowed to host an event with a promoter that brings in outsiders to campus like this. Did you see the video that someone else posted, by the way?

            Focus on the problem at hand – how to avoid this type of safety threat to our students. Do better.

          • Anonymous

            I don’t care that you feel ashamed. I do pretty well, too, so I don’t really feel like changing anything. And yeah—it was a ghetto event. Look at the video; in what civilized environment would something like that be permitted? I’m sorry the Black Student Assembly chose to do something like this—it only perpetuates and validates stereotypes that you are intent on ignoring.

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  • Mc

    And the band played on.