Sig Ep faces ban for up to five years

The National Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity officially banned the Sigma Phi Epsilon California Beta Chapter on Thursday afternoon after reports that the chapter violated the university’s sexual misconduct policies in its house on The Row.

The fraternity received an email from the Sigma Phi Epsilon National Board of Directors grand president Bert J. Harris III informing them of the decision. According to the president of Sigma Phi Epsilon California Beta Chapter Peter Hess, the chapter will be allowed to return to The Row after a minimum of five years.

Ousted · Fraternities are currently bidding on Sigma Phi Epsilon California Beta Chapter’s house, which is located on 700 West 28th Street.  - Lauren Wong | Daily Trojan

Ousted · Fraternities are currently bidding on Sigma Phi Epsilon California Beta Chapter’s house, which is located on 700 West 28th Street. — Lauren Wong | Daily Trojan

According to the Vice President of Student Affairs Michael Jackson, the suspension of the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity went into effect Jan. 31.

“This action was taken based on a review of reports that the university’s sexual misconduct policies had been violated,” Jackson said in a statement to the Daily Trojan. “The university takes any report of sexual misconduct extremely seriously.”

The names of the students involved were not released because of privacy laws and both the university and the fraternity chapter refused to comment on the specific nature of the violation.

The Student Judicial Affairs and Community Standards committee began the trial against SigEp in November after an individual reported that a crime occurred on Nov. 17 in one of the rooms of the fraternity.

Hess said that once notified by SJACS, the fraternity conducted an internal investigation. The investigation resulted in a member being expelled from the house.

“We felt like the member was withholding information,” Hess said. “We also expelled the member to show SJACS that we were not trying to hide anything. But they didn’t see it that way.”

Hess believes the alleged incident is not a reflection on the fraternity.

“What occurred in the room was an isolated incident,” Hess said. “It was the fault of the person in the room and not the chapter as a whole.”

The trial against the fraternity has been ongoing since November and the final decision from SJACS came on Thursday. Because the Cal Beta chapter is no longer officially recognized as a student organization, the members of the fraternity are unable to appeal the decision.

Hess informed members of the ban through email and in meetings on Thursday.

The house on The Row is owned by the national organization. Jackson said in a statement to the Daily Trojan that the fraternity letters on the front of the chapter house will be removed and it will function as a boarding house for the current residents until the end of the academic year.

Currently other fraternities on The Row are putting up bids for the house. The highest bidder will receive the rights to move into the house. After the ban, the new group of SigEp members will be able to reenter the house.

The decision to ban the fraternity will have effects on the other fraternities and sororities on The Row.

“The loss of USC and national recognition means no other recognized fraternities or sororities may socialize or interact with this former USC fraternity,” Jackson said in a statement to the Daily Trojan.

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  1. Mick Mullin
    Mick Mullin says:

    I wonder if allegations of bad conduct, impropriety, and corruption will be raised and addressed at Conclave. The one in Rome is just about to begin.

  2. Chad Steele
    Chad Steele says:

    Administrators and fraternity officials don’t come to these decisions easily. Despite support from the fraternity’s volunteers and staff, and campus officials, this chapter wasn’t willing or capable of providing a safe and positive experience for its members or guests.

    • Warren H. Ballaster, Jr.
      Warren H. Ballaster, Jr. says:

      Mr. Steele,

      When will the property be sold? Are you planning an auction? Will you consider offers now?
      We are prepared to make an all cash offer with a limited escrow period.

      Thanks for your consideration!

  3. Chad Steele
    Chad Steele says:

    It is always sad when a chapter closes but no one should be surprised in this case. This chapter was given all the tools to succeed but refused to use them. From reports and reputation this was a party club for rich frat boys who thought themselves above the rules. They shouldn’t be allowed to wear the same letters or call themselves brothers of the fraternity men who are living the ritual and the cardinal virtues of the most valued partner in higher education today. The chapter at SDSU dominates campus and is recognized by national for its excellence. The chapter at UCI is growing, and is competitive in intramurals and musical theater. UCR shows manpower and leadership growth. Northridge and San Bernardino each excel in academics, philanthropy, and chapter operations.

    How many Buchanan Cups has USC won?

    Best “Animal House” on campus doesn’t count.

    While the membership of the USC frat boys is suspended now, they can become fully-fledged members of Sigma Phi Epsilon after they graduate. But to get there, the suspended members will need to abide by the regulations, which involves learning good behavior and not feeding cultural issues and bad actions that got them into hot water in the first place. As recognized alumni they can enjoy all of the benefits of membership, including going to regional events; enrolling in courses on leadership and volunteerism; earning higher levels of membership status through donations to the Educational Foundation and use an affinity credit card; and the ability to purchase approved jewelry, sportswear and other co-branded fitness gear from licensed distributors.

    • Out of Luck?
      Out of Luck? says:

      You sound like one of those predators from Sig Ep national. I guess you never got the reach around from the SC boys like the other schools. Well, they paid the price for that.

      Can’t wait for that credit card!

    • David Taylor
      David Taylor says:

      When the chapter at George Washington University got its charter under the Balanced Man Program, all the brothers got free tickets to a Manilow concert!

  4. nope
    nope says:

    To someone a few posts above: no need to get your undies in a bundle about lower tier houses (the taxi…how clever!) leaving slanderous vitriol in this comment thread. While such Row drama makes for a captivating/hilarious read, I can assure you we give exactly zero craps about stirring the pot further. Peace!

  5. USC deserves better
    USC deserves better says:

    Trash house. I do not doubt the veracity of the sexual conduct reports one bit. I always warned my girl friends to avoid both Sig Ep and their tropically named next door neighbor. Creepy dudes.

  6. top tier?
    top tier? says:

    Seems to be a lot of alleged “top tier” fraternities posting on these comment sections. I am beginning to suspect you’re all actually from the taxi.

    • Row God
      Row God says:

      They are so insignificant on the row proper spelling doesn’t matter. For my first three years, I thought it was a halfway house for gay teens

  7. Joe
    Joe says:

    SMH. As an alum of USC and SPE it saddens me to hear my fraternity has been kicked off the row. When I was in school, “FIGI” was kicked out. I don’t know if they ever came back.

  8. Jour Major
    Jour Major says:

    There is nothing about this article that should ever be considered “lazy”. This was not meant to be an opinion piece, as any insinuation that the punishment was in either way fair or unfair would jeopardize credibility for all involved. Everything stated in the article is fact, and anyone trying to discredit the journalism work here is simply bitter about their fraternity being shut down. I applaud Ms. Holman and the DT for their work.

  9. Beth
    Beth says:

    @ John ’88

    You should be ashamed of yourself. You insinuate that the victim should be partially to blame because of having too many drinks, which is appalling. Then when someone calls you on it you resort to name calling and racist remarks.

    I sincerely hope you don’t have a daughter or son. If you did I would hope you would instill better morals upon your son than what you currently possess. And if you had a daughter I would hope you would never blame her for the irresponsible actions of another.

    You don’t prevent rape by “relieving the pressure.” You want to know how we can help prevent rape? We teach our sons the following:
    1. Don’t rape

  10. Disappointed
    Disappointed says:

    Reading all of the comments on this article is making me embarrassed to go to school here. I thought going to USC required some semblance of intelligence and awareness, but apparently I’m wrong, because it seems like everyone who goes here is more concerned about maintaining the stellar reputations of their “top-tier” frats rather than punishing a crime, or at the very least waiting for further investigation before jumping to conclusions about whether or not sexual assault occurred.

      • Leroy Jenkins
        Leroy Jenkins says:

        An individual (not the fraternity in question as a whole) was found guilty of “sexual misconduct”, not assault.
        Feel free to continue with your slander…

        • Tgoi
          Tgoi says:

          “The trial against the fraternity has been ongoing since November and the final decision from SJACS came on Thursday. Because the Cal Beta chapter is no longer officially recognized as a student organization, the members of the fraternity are unable to appeal the decision”

          Leroy, maybe you should read the article before offering foolish comments.

          • Leroy Jenkins
            Leroy Jenkins says:

            Are you really arguing that the entire fraternity in question is guilty of sexual assault?
            I dont care what the article (which isn’t entirely accurate) states.
            That is absurd and you have yet to address my point that the word assault is not mentioned once, other than by ‘Dissapointed’s post and your implications.


    • Varg
      Varg says:


      Believe me, I know how you feel. Don’t be too discouraged though – there are those of us here who have our priorities in check. We’re just not as noisy.

    • Warren
      Warren says:

      We aren’t talking about a top tier house here. At best Sig Ep is middle lower tier. Girls will need to go elsewhere for the free drinks and passing out. I’m sure there are 10 more frat houses that will learn nothing from this and will simply repeat…

  11. Alvin
    Alvin says:

    The English were still goat herders who were busy picking their noses when Indians were making headways in complex math, astronomy, and medicine asshole. Go find a job instead of trolling a student newspaper.

    • Gabe
      Gabe says:

      John ’88 is absolutely right about raw sewage running down the streets and that gang rape has gotten all sorts of international press coverage. I guess all that ancient math, astronomy and medicine didn’t create a modern public sewage system. Even the Romans had that worked out centuries ago. Oh but you perfected the Slurpee since then…

  12. Ashamed of Sig Ep
    Ashamed of Sig Ep says:

    My god! Do you boys ever quit with the fake girl accounts and self-promotion? Goodbye and good-riddance to your worthless organization. They should have closed the entire row down years ago to protect women from the “rape culture”!

  13. KappaAlpha
    KappaAlpha says:

    It sucks for Sig Ep, but lots of other fraternities need the space. It used to be our (KA’s) house. It sounds like their alumni are just going to cash out and sell the house to the highest bidder. So, how much is that going to be? Anyone have an idea based on other houses that have been sold? Also do we call their nationals or their local alumni?

    • Frank Butterfield
      Frank Butterfield says:

      Dear Kappa Alpha,

      We are not “cashing out”. And we are not giving the house to the “highest bidder”. But based on the trashy reporting by this DT writer I can see why you are misinformed. Sig Ep got the shaft big time from USC, but we will be back bigger and better than ever.

      Garry Kief
      Cal Beta
      Past Alumni Volunteer President
      Past Housing Corporation President

      • Antwon
        Antwon says:

        Frank and/or Garry,

        It seems your problem is with your own organization rather than USC. Sig Ep shut down the chapter. The university did not, rather only “suspending” it — according to this news article.

        This is what Frank says: “The University did not rescind recognition of the organization.”

        This is what Garry says: “Sig Ep got the shaft big time from USC.”

        If there’s more to the story, you might get in contact with the newspaper. Or have your organization announce it.

        It could be that the allegation is overblown and there was a lack of due process on both the institutional and national fraternity sides of this. There would seem to be a pattern with Vermont, etc.

      • DeltaG
        DeltaG says:

        What ridiculous lies. Sig Ep Cal Beta “got the shaft” big time from Sig Ep Nationals long before USC.
        You can tell by how Frank and Garry’s stories dont match up and they are vehemently attempting to cover up their motivation for leasing/selling the house as something other than financial…

        • Intersted
          Intersted says:

          Obviously this is a troubled property outside of the fraternity’s sexual issues. Without cash flow, I’m seeing a potential short sale opportunity down the road.

    • Commerical Broker
      Commerical Broker says:

      I’m a real estate broker specializing in multifamily properties. I have not been inside the property but I can do a quick analysis of the property value from my sources. According to public records, the building and land are worth about $710,000 for tax purposes. However, they aren’t making any more land on 28th so you will need come up with a fair market offer on the property. Given the demand for similar lower tier properties, somewhere around $1.25m to $1.5m would be a reasonable offer. This range assumes the interior is poor condition as most frats are and you would need to spend significant cash to make the place liveable for an upper tier frat like Pike to move-in.

      • Commerical Broker
        Commerical Broker says:

        Let me add that at 6.5% on $1.5m (high but this is non-recourse rate) your payment would be $13k/month on a 15 year fixed. I would factor in another $3k a month for property taxes and other similar expenses. I know people are going to argue the rate but I have experience in this area and no lender is going to give your 3.3% on a frat. Too much risk!

        • Blake Everington-Hempstead III
          Blake Everington-Hempstead III says:

          Commercial Broker,

          Even your sober evaluation of the numbers might be optimistic. The potential purchaser at your numbers would need to be, I think, an already recognized USC greek letter organization. Those organization would condition the contract to purchase on the sale or lease of their current property. Given the economy, that could be too difficult in such a tight time frame in order to put rent-paying tenants in the former Sig Ep house before August 2013. Nevermind that most students have already signed contracts. So the purchaser is now looking taking possession now but not being able to generate revenue until late 2014.

          You are correct that conventional financing will be difficult. If the revenue stream can be shut down by something as a tenuous as on-campus disciplinary board, then the lenders will require assurances or charge high rates for the insecurity.

          What is missing from the article and your research is — who owns the property and under what conditions?

        • FF
          FF says:

          I wonder how successful you are as a broker.
          you gotta do more research on this.
          I bet you people will pay double of your number to live in that house.
          $13k sounds like a funny joke

          • Commerical Broker
            Commerical Broker says:

            It’s $16k (not $13k) a month to service the loan, taxes and insurance based on $1.5mil mortgage. You are going to need at least 20% down plus sufficient capital for improvements needed for a top tier frat. You would need $500k cash on hand for a lender to even speak to you. $16k is not rent but a purchase if you understand the difference. However, I will educate you on how things work if you and your lower tier bros want to rent it after I buy it. Mortgages are paid on a 12 months basis while most fraternities pay rent on an 8 or 9 month basis. Factoring a 8 month rent cycle to pay a 12 month debit service the rent would be more like a minimum of $24k/month. That doesn’t include what I am going to make as a profit on my investment from you fools either.

            Stay in school and lay off the pipe…

  14. Ben
    Ben says:

    Not to mention the B-Chugging story concerning Kappa Alpha fraternity at the University of Tennessee.

  15. Olaf Diggler
    Olaf Diggler says:


    FYI – sexual assault isn’t just about female victims. Men are preyed on too, and they face significant social barriers to reporting campus assaults, particularly when the alleged perps are fraternity men. Some do report. For example – Sig Ep at SMU. In that case, the national fraternity and administration has so far not taken any publicly known action.

    • Ben
      Ben says:

      Not to mention the B-Chugging story concerning Kappa Alpha fraternity at the University of Tennessee.

  16. Serena
    Serena says:

    You “male rights advocates” need to take into consideration that it is highly unlikely that a woman would lie about getting raped just to spite some guy… a woman would not willingly debase herself and publicly admit to being sexually violated because of the immense social repercussions it comes with. No wonder so many cases of rape go unreported, especially on college campuses which are hives of gossip and social hierarchy- women are afraid of tarnishing their reputations. It’s about time misogynistic rape-culture-advocating institutions get what’s coming to them.

  17. Ashamed of Sig Ep
    Ashamed of Sig Ep says:

    No wonder this fraternity got closed down. Here they are attacking the girl they assaulted using fake female postings. Truly sick and disgusting behavior!

    Your frat will always be the bottom feeders of the row and no one will miss you. I hope your national gives the house to Pike who will be a much better part of the row than you ever were.

  18. Tim
    Tim says:

    I have banged plenty of ugly girls and felt bad about it the next day. The last thing I would do is report to the University that some DG raped me.

  19. There is no justice
    There is no justice says:

    There were false accusations, lack of evidence, and discrimination against the males involved because of the “frat” stereotype.

    The sig ep involved is actually innocent and his only mistake was bringing outsiders in. I don’t want to throw any other fraternity under the bus but how does one get away with a viral email that rates girls based on race and ethnicity or the sex pictures on top of WPH. Two “sexual misconducts” in one semester yet still exist. Almost torturing a pledge in a house and roofing drinks.

    Yet, some GDI females invade private property after being told to leave the room during the night of the incident and leads a non-usc student on only to report it.

    Female friend,


  20. Lily
    Lily says:

    I heard from a SigEp that the one being accused of the assault wasn’t even someone in the house, but a member’s friend? So why is SigEp losing their charter?

  21. Varg
    Varg says:

    Shame on all of you who choose to comment on whether or not the “punishment fits the crime,” instead of having some sympathy and respect for the true victim in this. It was likely that a girl was sexually assaulted, and you choose to complain about the boys “not getting a break?” I’m sad for those members who were not involved, but let’s keep some perspective here.

    John ’88 – you are either willfully ignorant of the world around you or a function of the misogyny that you claim does not exist. “Rape culture” is a prevalent and serious issue in our society. Perhaps instead of blaming men’s lack of control on whether they’d “taken care of themselves beforehand,” we should encourage young men to take actual responsibility for themselves and treat women as actual human beings, instead of blaming their actions on their erections. I suggest you Google “rape apologist.”

    I am a current USC student who has nothing against the individuals in this fraternity who were not involved with this situation. However, I also believe that, in deciding to accept this individual as a member of their “brotherhood,” they must also consider who they are choosing to represent them. I sincerely hope that USC addresses these issues on a larger scale instead of sweeping it under the rug without comment.

    • John '88
      John '88 says:

      Shame on you for assuming a girl was sexually assaulted. It could have been another guy that was assaulted as well. Unlikely but still possible.

      • Varg
        Varg says:

        “Sad they had close up shop because some girl had a few too many drinks and a member couldn’t keep his pants zipped. They should have had the members “take care of themselves” before any event to keep the safe for the girls.”

        Looks like someone is a hypocrite. To be clear: it does not matter if it was a girl or a guy who was assaulted – the message is still the same. I think it’s sad that stuff like this still happens at a university that has made such great strides in its academic reputation. Fellow classmates: We are all here at USC because the university felt that we had intellectual and personal merit. Let’s respect each other accordingly. Please.

  22. Tgoi
    Tgoi says:

    Still another house needs to be razed to the ground and a park built. The entire row should be a park!

  23. Concerned about the Truth
    Concerned about the Truth says:

    It is truly sad when one bad apple spoils the entire basket. If a rape occurred (I assume this to be true), USC has no business investigating it. This is a matter for real law enforcement like LAPD. Get the samples, investigate the scene and interview the parties. If a crime is committed, people need to go to jail. Unless the fraternity sponsored a “Sexual Misconduct” themed party or somehow directly encouraged the crime, USC has no business closing them down. It is clear Sig Ep is a lower tier frat with no clout with either SC or their national organization. It was easier for the national frat to close down a lower tier frat like this one and start over later. They want to come back some day so this was a business decision and not one that appears to be based on a criminal complaint because their is no mention of any charges being filed against any party.

    So give the rest of the guys in the house a break! They committed no crime other than being part of a lower tier frat.

    • Anon
      Anon says:

      USC goes to very great lengths to keep unseemly statistics out of public record. They’re scapegoating the student organization to make it look like justice has been served. Would bet money no charges are filed against assailants.

      • Concerned about the Truth
        Concerned about the Truth says:

        Oh, here comes the conspiracy theory that USC kept LAPD out of the rape loop

  24. Concerned about the
    Concerned about the says:

    It is truly sad when one bad apple spoils the entire basket. If a rape occurred (I assume this to be true), USC has no business investigating it. This is a matter for real law enforcement like LAPD. Get the samples, investigate the scene and interview the parties. If a crime is committed, people need to go to jail. Unless the fraternity sponsored a “Sexual Misconduct” themed party or somehow directly encouraged the crime, USC has no business closing down a fraternity. It is clear Sig Ep is a lower tier frat with no clout with either SC or their national organization. It was easier for the national frat to close down a lower tier frat like this one. They want to come back some day so this was a business decision and not one that appears to be based on a criminal complaint because their is no mention of any charges being filed against any party.

  25. Justice has been served!
    Justice has been served! says:

    So one member turned out to be an indecent human being, so ALL the members have been punished? Hallelujah, justice has been served! With this reasoning, in the US, with the highest prison population, all the citizens should be locked up!

  26. Jill Weinberg
    Jill Weinberg says:

    It is a shame that 1 member can bring down an entire fraternity of men who did nothing wrong. The punishment does not fit the alleged crime.

  27. Ana
    Ana says:

    Also what is “sexual misconduct”? WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN? If it’s sexual assault then IT SHOULD BE CALLED SEXUAL ASSAULT. How can these issues be addressed properly if they can’t even be identified and named properly? Misconduct can mean anything – from not behaving nicely in class or awkwardly hitting on a coworker or mooning someone in public. Sexual ASSAULT is DIFFERENT and it needs to be ADDRESSED BY THE UNIVERSITY.

  28. Ana
    Ana says:

    A fraternity was banned from The Row at USC due to “sexual misconduct.” No one is reporting on the details of what what his actually entails!!!!! Either way, this is disgusting and ridiculous and I am glad SOMEONE is finally serving up some real penalties for misconduct rather than giving frats a symbolic slap on the wrist and then returning to business as usual. Granted, this penalty should have come from USC itself rather than the national chapter. USC should stand up for it’s OWN students.

  29. Joke
    Joke says:

    I guess I am missing something here…SAE almost kills a kid during hazing (2010) And Lamda chi members are accused of sexual assault in 2010 (same as above) yet nothing happened to either of those houses? Meanwhile an accusation is leading sig ep to get kicked off the row? This is sloppy journalism missing key points of the argument or complete Hypocrasy.

  30. John '88
    John '88 says:

    I’m sorry it has come to this. Sig Ep was once a respected middle-lower tier house on the row. Sad they had close up shop because some girl had a few too many drinks and a member couldn’t keep his pants zipped. They should have had the members “take care of themselves” before any event to keep the safe for the girls.

    • Anupama
      Anupama says:

      John ’88,

      I am personally insulted that you would reduce the victim as a girl who “had a few too many drinks” and the perpetrator as a member who “couldn’t keep his pants zipped.” You do not know what the details of the incident were, and you definitely do not have a right to insinuate blame on the victim. Although I am sure that most members of this fraternity are fine, ambitious gentlemen, and most don’t deserve this punishment, the extreme action that the national board took was a fantastic step towards abolishing the horrific blasé and “rape cultured” attitude that people like you have towards sexual assault – especially at the college level. Let’s not waste time thinking about what the victim should have done differently, let’s think about how to prevent (potential) perpetrators from causing harm.

      Current USC Student

      • John '88
        John '88 says:

        @Made up name:

        I happen to be very familiar with the Row culture but I know nothing about this “rape culture” you mention. This is another made up term to scare people like you and it works.

        I certainly didn’t call her a hussy so I am not sure why you are so offended. Maybe everything offends you?

        We never had problems like this in the mid-eighties. Back in our day, we relieved the pressure before the big party. The whole house did this, individually. As a result of this practice, we never had anything close to sexual assault reported in my four years.

        Maybe the University needs a seminar on this practice in addition to all the others?

        • Angie
          Angie says:

          @John ’88:

          First of all, Anupama is a real name. You suck for being a racist butthole.

          Second of all, lol to using the word “hussy.” Did you graduate in Shakespearian time?

          Third of all, expand on your definition of “relieving the pressure” before parties. I’m very curious as to what you were implying.


        • Priya
          Priya says:

          @John ’88,

          First, I strongly recommend you do your research before you throw out comments about cultures of which you have no knowledge. Anupama comes directly from the language Sanskrit and means “incomparable.” Sanskrit is many hundred—if not a thousand—years older than English, the language from which your name comes.

          Second, rape culture isn’t something that scares people. It is as real as what you call the “Row Culture,” and I hope you will read this article to learn more about it. I am not trying to equate the two, but instead point out that rape culture has intellectual roots and isn’t just a couple of words that a person threw together on a Saturday night.

          Yes my name is real.

          • John '88
            John '88 says:

            Thank your lucky stars the England halfway civilized your people and brought them out of the Stone age. India is still the land where raw sewage flows in the streets and women get gang raped on buses. That’s some culture…

        • Anupama
          Anupama says:

          Hi again, John ’88

          I am actually extremely amused by your ignorance and haste in responding to people. I think you need to slow down, research what it is you are making deplorable comments on, and then maybe we can discuss.

          Rape culture is the way in which unwanted sexual advances is rationalized in our society. This happens through our colloquialisms, the way we think about the victim (whether male or female) as a person who “asked for it,” and the way the assaulter is seen as somebody who was tempted and “couldn’t help it.”

          Please enlighten me on what “row culture” exactly implies.

          Secondly, like Angie, I am utterly baffled by this “practice” of relieving the pressure that you mention. It seems laughable to expect something like that to be a solution to the issue at hand.

          – Anupama (Indeed my real name)

        • Impressed
          Impressed says:

          Should someone who graduated college in ’88 really be commenting on a thread about a fraternity at his alma mater, fighting with a college student, and suggesting that the solution to rape is well-timed masturbation?

  31. Frank Butterfield
    Frank Butterfield says:

    It’s good to see that the tendency for lazy journalism starts early. I would guess that the university does not have a policy on “sexual misconduct” to violate, however there might be one on “sexual conduct.” I don’t believe that SJACS had a trial, but they did conduct an investigation and render a decision. The University issued it’s decision and the National Fraternity chose to remove the chapter’s charter. The University did not rescind recognition of the organization. Finally, the property is not going to the “highest bidder.”

    Frank Butterfield
    Cal Beta
    Alumni Volunteer President
    Housing Corporation President

    • Pike #1
      Pike #1 says:


      Where do we submit our bids for the fall for the entire property? As you likely already know, Pike is the top house at SC and would make a excellent tenant for your property. We have plenty of cash and over a 150 active members. We have never been accused of sexual misconduct or any similar offense. Looking forward to making an agreement in the near future!

    • William Holman
      William Holman says:


      Obviously you did not read ariticle correctly. The journalist states in the lead sentence that the National Sigma PHI Epilson Frat made the decision to ban the chapter. Also, you should not assume USC policies. So before you come here to criticize hard working journalist, you should get your facts straight.

      Papa Holman
      Chicago, IL

      • J
        J says:

        I can understand you being defensive about your daughter’s writing. That doesn’t change the fact that it’s poorly written, at least in regard to accuracy. Take a second and read through his titles and you might notice that he is the alumni president of the Fraternity in discussion. He’s not assuming anything, in regard to either university policies or the preceding of the ban, given that he would actually be the most informed of any party in the situation.

        • William Holman
          William Holman says:


          I would think the president of Sigma Phi Epsilon California Beta Chapter Peter Hess whom was “quoted” in the article would be closer to the situation than an Alumni volunteer. If the information Peter gave was incorrect then Frank and him should have a conversation to straighten out the facts.

          Papa Holman
          Chicago, IL

          • Wes
            Wes says:

            Didn’t know the helicopter blades reach all the way from Chicago…

            Still poorly written and researched. Let her defend her own lazy reporting Pops!

          • J
            J says:

            I think what Frank was pointing out–and that you seemed to miss–was that the article is clearly misquoting the situation and what the President of the Fraternity said.

            May I suggest you join this new website called 4chan?

    • Jenna C
      Jenna C says:

      I’ve read the DT and have known a lot of writers within the DT for sometime. Just because you’re peeved about your fraternity getting kicked off the Row for five years doesn’t give you license to misconstrue the facts and cop it all to “lazy journalism”, which – mind you – you won’t find at the Daily Trojan. All the facts made in this article are attributed to University officials or Sig Ep leadership, which is far more than anything you cared to post.

      • Wes
        Wes says:

        Ms. C.

        Article sucks and you know it. Poorly written at best.

        I’m not a Sig Ep and they are bottom tier house at best.

        • Jenna C
          Jenna C says:

          Show me ONE part of the article that was factually inaccurate. If you have a beef with anything Jackson, Hess or Sig Ep’s national organization told the DT that’s one thing, but to attack the writer is another entirely.

          • Wes
            Wes says:

            Please direct me to the University’s Sexual Misconduct Policies. Explain how I violate a misconduct policy. How is a fraternity banned and who can do this? Fraternities actually lose their Charter or it is suspended by the national fraternity. There is no such thing as being banned. Universities remove or suspend recognition.

  32. Heinrich H.
    Heinrich H. says:

    Finally. Some accountability on the row. Obviously, this is the exception to the norm, but when I was at SC, similar incidents were swept under the rug. Money and prestige should be able to buy immunity.

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