Murder trial hits delays

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Stephen A. Marcus ordered  Tuesday a delay of the trials of the two men charged in last year’s killings of two USC graduate students, media reported.

Bryan Barnes, 20, and Javier Bolden, 19, have been charged with first-degree murder in connection with the fatal shooting and robbery of Chinese graduate engineering students Ming Qu and Ying Wu on April 11, 2012.

Qu and Wu, both 23 years old, were killed in a car in an off-campus shooting west of the University Park Campus near the intersection of 27th Street and Raymond Avenue.

A wrongful death lawsuit was filed against the university in May by Qu’s and Wu’s parents seeking unspecified damages, claiming that the university misled people about the safety of the area surrounding the University Park Campus. However, Superior Court Judge Michael Johnson dismissed the case in February, citing insufficient legal arguments.

Barnes and Bolden were charged last May in connection with the case. Both pled not guilty at their arraignment in July.

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  1. Marc
    Marc says:

    I read a lot of articles about homicides, and beatings and one thing almost all of them have in common these days compared to about 15 years or more ago are the suspects/ arrested individuals are all in there 20’s or under, usually 17-20 age group. Teenagers are lacking social respect for others as well as life, something a normal family would have ingrained into them if it wasn’t for breakdown of the American Family Structure and lack of parenting skills. I see this trend increasing, and its a shame!!

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