Immigration not blame for bombing

After the Boston Marathon bombings, many Americans displayed idiocy in two distinct ways. First, some Twitter users started blaming the Czech Republic for the attacks, prompting Czech ambassadors to go to the Associated Press to clarify the difference between their Central European country and the Russian region known as Chechnya, where the suspects had come from.

But second, and far worse, Republicans began to link the attacks to lax immigration laws, leading conservative lawmakers on the Hill to say that they will attempt to further restrict the immigration process.

That move by some Republicans shows exactly how out of touch they are with the problems facing this country.

Both Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, who are ethnic Chechens from Dagestan and are widely believed to be behind the bombing, legally resided in this country. Dzhokhar, who is in custody, is an American citizen. According to the Washington Post, Sen. Rand Paul wrote in an open letter that Chechnya is “an area known as the hotbed of Islamic extremism,” as if that alone should bar immigrants from that region.

The argument that Paul is making is Islamophobic and racist. Paul is equating Islam with terror, when the vast majority of Muslims are peaceful people. Furthermore, the mere fact that the brothers were part of an ethnic group that is fighting against Russia should not disqualify them from citizenship. The Tsarnaevs did not choose to be born Chechen. Here, Paul appears to discriminate against hardworking people simply because of their ethnic heritage.

Unfortunately, other Republicans are beginning to follow Paul’s lead. Sen. Charles Grassley, proposed tougher checks on anyone wanting to enter the United States, according to the New York Times.

Grassley and other lawmakers should understand that wanting to come to this nation should not be probable cause to have American police forces examine every part of a person’s life.

Politicians are right to want to stop terror attacks on American soil. Every lawmaker should concentrate on keeping the American people safe. However, immigration is a red herring with regard to national security. The U.S. has some of the best police forces in the world and should concentrate on using legal investigative techniques to look for clues that alert law enforcement to a potential threat. Targeting people because of their ethnicity, religion or desire to move this country is unconstitutional and unethical at best.

If Republicans want to deal with the root causes of animosity toward the United States, then they would do better to help improve America’s image in the Muslim world.

The wars in the Middle East and the blatant Islamophobia from congressional leaders causes terrorist groups like al-Qaeda to legitimately be able to say that America oppresses Muslims. Every time a hegemonic state such as the U.S. imposes its will through force on a group, that group turns against the oppressors, and according to counter-insurgency and counter-terrorism expert David Kilcullen, that is one of the fundamental flaws with American counter-terror and counterinsurgency efforts.

Republican legislators who are in positions of power think of the country as the proverbial city on the hill while simultaneously bashing Islam and numerous other minority groups. It is no wonder extremists are willing to kill Americans.

As for immigration reform, Republicans should approve paths to citizenship, allow increased legal immigration and ease entry restrictions into this country. In a time of economic hardship, Keynesians rightly argue that a reinvigorated workforce and the resulting flow of capital will help pull the American economy out of the gutter. Furthermore, an influx of new people living in this country will require additional housing, and President Barack Obama has already acknowledged with his proposed budget numbers that housing is going to be one of the biggest areas for American economic growth in the coming years. In that way, allowing more immigrants is nothing but a benefit for this country.

Some Americans on Twitter confused Chechnya and the Czech Republic. Meanwhile, a few republican lawmakers proved to be the real problem with their impossible antics in Congress.


Dan Morgan-Russell is a freshman majoring in international relations global business.


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  1. Arafat
    Arafat says:

    “Targeting people because of their ethnicity, religion or desire to move this country is unconstitutional and unethical at best.”

    Sheesh, can you believe this stuff.

    It’s not unethical it’s common sense. Muslims across the globe, and every single day, resort to terrorism in the name of Allah. In the past 6 days there have been 34 separate suicide Muslim terrorist attacks. This is a fact. These people are “unethical” not the law enforcement officials who have to use common sense to protect us from these Muslim terrorists.

    And, finally, what is most disturbing about your article is your complete lack of empathy for all the people whose lives have been destroyed by these Muslim terrorists. Be it those who lost legs, had ball bearings pierce their brains, nails rip through their faces, or their relatives, friends and lovers it is obvious you are more concerned with the terrorists who detonated the bombs than with the victims.

    I’d suggest you volunteer in a hospital for those who are brain dead, or need to learn how to walk with a prosthetic leg to learn who were the real victims in this ongoing saga.

    • 3ACR Soldier
      3ACR Soldier says:

      The suspect is an American citizen and by the letter of the law he should have his Miranda rights read and should be tried in a court of law and convicted by a jury of his peers. The suspect was not born in the United States right? He is not a real American or an American born citizen right? I have a question for the immigration department or anybody that wants to respond. Why does the United States allow and give people access to immigrate to the United States legally knowing there from Mid-Eastern countries that have a strong Al Qaida presence but we do not allow or give access to legal immigration from individuals from Mexico ? Which is why most Mexican people risk their lives coming into this country illegally because if they were given the same immigration opportunities the Mid-Eastern people get then they would not com e into our country illegally? 99 percent of Mid-Eastern people are great people it’s the one percent of the people that want to destroy America. I know that some Mexicans come to our country to have kids and live off the government but most come to work jobs Americans don’t want or are too lazy to work. I served eight years in the US Army and two combat tours so I have met Al Qaida and other Muslim terrorist on the battle field. My point is that the United States does not allow or provide legal immigration access to Mexicans who come to this country to work jobs Americans don’t want like picking fruit in the California fields but the United States allows and provides legal immigration access to people that come from the Mid-East and who com e to bomb and kill Americans like in Boston or the guys that flu the two planes into the World Trade Center. What’s wrong with American when Fox News and CNN are blaming Mexican illegal’s for all the problems in America but not questioning why so many people from the Mid East get papers to legally live in the US so then they can become US citizens and commit a terrorist act on American soil against Americans. I love America and I’m proud of being an American, I have earned my freedom on the battlefield fighting against our enemies that now allowed to immigrate to our country. GO ARMY BEAT NAVY!!!

  2. Arafat
    Arafat says:

    “The argument that Paul is making is Islamophobic and racist.”

    You cannot be serious.

    First, Islam is not a “race” it is a religion. It is a very diverse religion racially because of its history of vioent Jihad. Specifically when it conquered North Africa in the 8th century it forced millions of black women both into slavery and as whore for Muslim men. Islam did the same thing with the Hindus and Buddhists of South Asia, the “whiter” people of the Caucus region, etc….

    Secondly Islamophobic is a made-up word used to convince people that Islam is a religion of peace, that Jihad is an inner struggle, that Quranic verses about Islamic supremacy are not what they seem to be, etc…

    Fear of Muslims is not a phobia it is an intelligent observation based on real actions carried out by devout Muslims in the name of Allah.

    Get your facts straight.

  3. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Typical Dan, going from “some Americans” to just “Republicans” in general because he can cite a few Republicans who have done so

    You realize when you make yourself look bigoted no one can take your opinion seriously, right?

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