University of Summer Construction

Workers remove the grass at Alumni Park to begin one of the many renovating projects being conducted around campus during the summer. In addition to resodding the park, Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism is being built next to the Campus Center bookstore. The university will continue to repave parts of Child’s way along Grace […]

Into Darkness falls short after high expectations

Possibly for the first time, it’s cool to be a Trekkie. After an explosive re-emergence into popular culture, the Star Trek franchise is again revolutionizing science fiction and making it sexy. The crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise returns to explore the uncharted frontiers of space in Star Trek Into Darkness. These scientific quests, however, are […]

Midnight builds on strengths of preceding films

Movie trilogies have a bit of a reputation for being films that rely heavily on action and excitement. They’re usually big money earners, which is why the studios keep going back to the well. Pensive, well-crafted and artful movies usually stand alone, having said all they needed to say in the course of their runtime. […]