USC graduate was on missing Malaysia Airlines flight

Qiao Xing in 2012 | Courtesy El Rodeo yearbook

Qiao Xing in 2012 | Courtesy <i>El Rodeo</i> yearbook

Qiao Xing in 2012. | Courtesy El Rodeo yearbook

A recent USC graduate was on the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, according to the USC Chinese Student and Scholars Association.

The group posted on its Facebook page Thursday saying that it had confirmed with the Consulate-General of P.R.C. in Los Angeles that 2012 graduate Qiao Xing was one of the 239 people on board of the flight that disappeared last Saturday.

Xing received a Masters degree in petroleum engineering from USC and began working at Shell Oil Company in Beijing last year, according to LA Weekly.

A representative from Shell Oil Company confirmed with LA Weekly that an employee was on the missing flight, but would not confirm whether the employee was Xing.

Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 disappeared last Saturday en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.


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  1. John McGarett
    John McGarett says:

    The missing MH370…

    Isn’t it quite obvious that someone is hiding something. And what “they” are hiding is because “they” also are not yet sure about it are WORMHOLES. Have a read at these NASA articles:

    They have already proven that there are magnetic portals or wormholes on Earth going to the Sun or who knows where in the universe. In the article written on March 2013 it said that NASA will conduct experiments on 2014. What a coincidence that flight MH370 got lost in 2014. The US is afraid it will be blamed for the plane’s disappearance because of the experiments.

    Occams Razor, the simplest explanation tends to be the correct one, wormholes exist, the plane went through a wormhole! They do not know where the plane is, no contact, phones ringing but no answer, the plane just vanished?! It went through a wormhole! Mystery solved!

    Please check up on this story, everyone is looking in the wrong direction, or everyone is being directed in the wrong direction! And please, so what if the public knew there are wormholes?! I think its about time we all knew that we are not alone in the universe and that we can travel in space and time. Maybe its all better for mankind to stop all the fighting and all. When was the last time something got invented like flight? The public is ready for a major event, we’ve watched so much scifi that we know it’s coming. The world is ready for what’s there in the universe.

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