Sequestration may be necessary

After months of doomsday predictions regarding the imminent enactment of across-the-board spending cuts, the sequester is finally set to go into effect this Friday. The emergency cuts, which were part of a deal struck between Congress and President Barack Obama in 2011 to extend the United States’ borrowing authority and cut the budget deficit, will […]

Yahoo CEO’s decision should prove profitable

Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo, sent out a memo Friday saying that all Yahoo employees are now required to physically come in to Yahoo headquarters each and every day for work. If employees were unable or unwilling to do so, Mayer said, they could look for employment elsewhere. The decision was sparked, in part, to […]

Dorner escapade reveals racial problems

The death of ex-Los Angeles Police Department officer and murder suspect Christopher Dorner provided closure for the families and friends of those who were murdered at his hands, not to mention the Southern Californian community at large.   His actions? Inexcusable. Yet the entire Dorner debacle has forced dialogue regarding the effect race has in […]