The wealthy’s taxes must be raised

Billionaire investor Warren Buffett wrote an op-ed in The New York Times on Monday, describing how the wealthiest Americans have been “leaving the middle class in the dust.” Buffett suggested that a minimum tax rate of 30 percent should be enacted on Americans making more than $1 million each year. Buffett’s comments come as Congress prepares […]

No. 1 Notre Dame, in a 22-13 win, keeps Trojans at bay

Given the opportunity to upset No. 1 Notre Dame in the 84th edition of the storied intersectional rivalry, USC flashed the talent and explosiveness that emboldened many preseason prognosticators to ticket the Trojans — not the Irish — for a date in January’s BCS national championship game in Miami. Unfortunately, the Trojans were once again […]

Marijuana debate clouds reality

The arguments claiming that decriminalizing marijuana will end the influence of Mexican drug cartels and bring in billions of dollars in tax revenue are incessantly echoed in America — and both were strategically used this year to successfully convince voters to legalize the drug in Washington and Colorado. Students, especially, have been quick to embrace […]