Media must avoid sensationalism

As news outlets started calling the election for President Barack Obama on Tuesday night, I couldn’t help feeling like we could have called it a long time ago. Even if Republican Mitt Romney hadn’t had such a clumsy campaign, it’s become increasingly rare for an incumbent president to lose, especially an unchallenged one. And Obama […]

Prolonged series should focus on creativity, not profit

Twenty-three films, six faces and countless martinis (shaken not stirred) to its name: James Bond stands, without a doubt, the most iconic film legacy of our time. The series has crossed generations, spanning a whopping 50 years. But it wasn’t always the cultural staple that it is today. A good film series needs time to […]

USC must maintain open campus

One of the most admirable actions taken by USC for the local community has been keeping its campus open to local residents so it can serve as a community as well as a student space. USC’s open-campus policy is one that celebrates the coexistence of the university and its neighbors, in spite of enormous differences […]