Should we agree with Obama’s gun reform plan?

President Barack Obama’s plan takes a step forward in limiting the access of deadly weapons to dangerous citizens.  About a month after the Newtown elementary school massacre that left 28 dead including 20 school children, the Obama administration has announced a plan to Congress that aims to increase the regulation of gun sales and ownership. […]

Mama to see strong weekend sales

Though the box office can be pretty unpredictable, there are some basic elements that go into anticipating how well a film is going to do.   Some factors include: how other films have done recently, what weekend a film is coming out and what competition it faces. This column will look at these elements to […]

Plastic surgery doesn’t define person

There’s no denying it: All around the world, the culture of nip and tuck is being cultivated, grown and blown up to epic proportions. A fascinating dichotomy arises, one where a plastic surgery culture of outer beauty and covetousness exists next to issues of insecurity about our frail bodies and an itching sense of dissatisfaction […]