Edible holidays satisfy any craving

Happy Hump Day, foodies! On tap this week is a slew of scrumptious holidays that are sure to inspire you to get out and try them or go invade your local grocery store and fill your carts with sweet-smelling noms that will bring your friends from far and wide. I hope everyone has a tasty […]

Decision to study abroad as exciting as it is difficult

“Do you plan on studying abroad?” It’s a question that every advisor asks, and it’s a decision that all USC students must face. It seems like just yesterday I was walking into my first advising appointment as an eager freshman and answering that question with a firm yes. Now it’s two years later, and I’m […]

Jack Ryan is a rare diamond in the rough of January movies

It’s no secret that January is considered Hollywood’s dumping ground: a mass grave for misfits and miscreants whose releases have been strategically timed to go relatively unnoticed amid the plush pageantry of awards season. Every year brings the same ragged procession of interchangeable demonic possession movies (Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones, this weekend’s Devil’s Due), […]

On being a proper “foodie”

Happy Wednesday and Happy New Year to my Trojan family! Before I begin this column, I would like to dedicate my writing to a friend and teammate who recently passed, Jon Walters. On that note, I digress. This semester, it is my pleasure to be the Daily Trojan food columnist where I hope to provide […]

Binge watching gives users control

Two weekends ago, I was stranded in my bed. And with the exception of the occasional jolting cough, I couldn’t really move. Stuck there, after coming down with a nasty cold, I did something I’d never done before. I binged on TV. Since Breaking Bad ended a few months ago, I’ve gone cold turkey with […]

Trends depend on social factors

Everybody enjoys a good game of tag. The premise is simple: Run around and hit unsuspecting players so that they are then “it.” But what if that playground staple took to the streets and become brutal, even deadly? This is the Knockout Game. The Knockout Game is a potentially fatal series of attacks that are […]

Industry should give back, not give in

With Hanukkah already underway and Christmas just around the corner, it’s officially the season of giving. But even if this is the case, some folks in the tech industry aren’t as willing to relinquish some of their cash. Silicon Valley is an affluent community: The average Silicon Valley tech professional makes roughly $101,278, and homes […]

CEOs require passion above all

Before startups were cropping up every second, being a CEO meant that you had years of experience either at your company or within your industry. If your company is in trouble, it’s up to you as the CEO to take the heat from investors and do what’s best for your company. The CEO title is […]

Finals time calls for study music

With the palm trees and sunshine, the vibrant city and colorful weekends, it’s easy to feel like we’re on vacation every day of the year here in Los Angeles. At its core, though, USC is an academic institution that boasts Nobel laureates, produces world-changing research and hosts professors whose names are etched in history. But […]

Imported films can be subpar remakes

When the American remake of Oldboy, in theaters next Wednesday, was announced, there was an outcry from film fans. The Korean original is an absolute classic and the prospect of a remake seemed downright ridiculous. This is not an attempt to judge a film before seeing it, but Hollywood does not have a good track […]