Buyouts not always successful

Google has a lot to be proud of. Having just celebrated its 15th birthday along with the release of its newest search algorithm, Hummingbird, Google continuously tops the rankings for lists such as most innovative, most desired workplace and more. As one of the biggest tech companies in Silicon Valley, Google has accumulated the time […]

Fast beats spice up work out

Folks, I have a full disclaimer: I have never, ever stepped foot in the Lyon Recreation Center with the intention of using a treadmill, elliptical — or any other machine, for that matter. The one time that I did go was to sign the general waiver form during orientation. The closest I have come to […]

Actor-director films open up possibilities

This weekend marks the release of Don Jon, Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s directorial and writing debut and the latest in a long line of movies directed by established actors. It happens pretty often. After a while, an established actor can get the itch to try their hand at working on the other side of the camera (though […]

Society too dependent on phones

Remember that scene from Dr. Dolittle 2 when the animal whisperer takes away his daughter’s cell phone? Probably not. It’s all I remember from the movie, starring Eddie Murphy as the doctor and Raven Symoné as his daughter, Charisse. After Dr. Dolittle snatches the antiquated-looking cell phone, Charisse responds with a sharp retort: “What am […]

Hot Vinyasa heats up the yoga experience

My first time taking a yoga class — Hot Vinyasa, to be exact — was everything I imagined it to be but also full of surprises. Let me explain. Everyone who works at Earth’s Power Yoga seemed extremely welcoming and friendly, as I expected. After all, it’s their job to practice yoga all the time, […]

Startups can benefit from some guidance

In the second grade, I entered an invention contest. I had a great idea in mind and wanted to introduce it to the rest of my class. That invention? The Sharpencil, a brilliant product that would always keep your pencils sharp. Take off the rose-colored glasses, however, and the Sharpencil is actually a No. 2 […]

Mellow tracks to ring in fall

The University of Southern California is home to some of America’s best tailgates and traditions, a place where the weekends never end. There’s always something brewing on campus, whether it’s on The Row or at McCarthy Quad. Opportunities to socialize exist every minute of the day and night. So in the middle of all the […]

Rush puts new spin on genre

There are few movie scenes that are as exciting as cars going really fast. Take your pick from swerving through traffic, making hairpin turns on mountain roads or bearing down onto the finish line. They’ve been a staple in action movies for decades, and they’ve grown their own subgenre of car movies. The formula is […]

Identity theft a real concern

Every other day, it seems, we open the newspaper to read about the ways in which the Internet is affecting businesses and altering industries. Yet one enterprise that’s been largely left untouched are the companies that sell the combination mustache-glasses disguise. You know the ones — bushy eyebrows atop black frames. They’re the kind of […]

Tinder provides more than shallow hook-ups

Remember the good old days, when you could just collide with a stranger in the frozen food aisle and fall hopelessly in love? Neither do I. You know why? Because real life is not scripted in Hollywood and these serendipitous meetings don’t happen to the majority of the population. That’s also why the modern trend […]