The Afterword: While discomforting, ‘Joker’ is worth watching

Monday night, I went to see the highly-anticipated origin story of everyone’s favorite criminal mastermind — Joker. Starring Joaquin Phoenix as failed Gotham City comedian Arthur Fleck — a mentally ill man isolated, ostracized and rejected by society — “Joker” follows Fleck’s descent into madness. The movie, which sold $93.5 million in ticket sales its […]

To Be Blunt: Vaping epidemic exposes need for regulation even with weed

The way we consume cannabis has drastically evolved over the past couple decades. As the industry grows, CEOs, entrepreneurs and startup moguls are increasingly tapping into the innovative and technologically motivated market of weed.  With features like temperature control, ways to track how much you smoke and an app complete with games, the PAX Era […]

Everything but the Song: Black choir music is pimped out by artists

Kirk Franklin and God’s Property’s “Stomp,” and Kanye’s “Ultralight Beam” are two sides of the same coin. Elements of Black American gospel music have long been used outside of the church’s four walls and have infiltrated into mainstream pop culture.  Kanye’s “Jesus Walks,” a song about grappling faith with fame, might be the first instance […]

Internet Cultured: I’m addicted to social media

I’m going to make a general statement that countless other digitally-focused writers have shared: I’m addicted to my phone and, more specifically, to social media. I’ve avoided admitting that dependency for a while now. Not because I was ashamed — considering it’s a widespread disease that affects more than 210 million people worldwide — but […]

Tongue in Chic: Hypebeasts have no real style

Picture this: I’m standing in line to get into Supreme’s New York flagship. In front of me are three Chinese international kids sporting Yeezys, Anti Social Social Club hoodies and fuckboi fades. Behind me is a 12-year-old, three inches shorter than me, draped in head-to-toe Bape topped off with a Supreme shoulder sling fanny pack.  […]

Let’s Wine Down: Wines can take the edge off midterm season

As we say goodbye to the first third of our fall semester, we welcome the season of pumpkin spice lattes, sweaters and dreaded midterms. The stress that comes with this time of year can be overwhelming, especially with the avalanche of testing in course after course, week after week. Wine can be a source of […]