Trojan basketball can’t find support

The atmosphere at the Galen Center had all the reason to be rocking. The Trojans were playing crosstown rival UCLA, tipoff was 7:30 p.m. on a Saturday night, in-house DJ Mal-Ski was spinning some half-decent tunes and even USC hardwood great Nick “Swaggy P” Young was courtside with his son. Yet as the Trojans built […]

USC sells itself when recruiting athletes

With signing day now behind us, a new recruiting class in the books and a lot of optimism about USC football’s  future, I wanted to take a second to reminisce about a special someone. Someone who was always regarded as a top-notch recruiter and was loved by all. I’m talking, of course, about former USC […]

Recruiting drama is a guilty pleasure

The other day, I caught myself doing something embarrassing. I was perusing the internet and realized that I was looking up recruiting rankings. But not just glancing. I was legitimately researching. And what’s more, I was legitimately caring. I somehow found these kids and their impending decisions important. To many, this is all just part […]