Collins coming out is big-time sports news

When news broke on Monday that Jason Collins was the first active athlete to come out as gay in a major sports league, there were three basic reactions on television, social media and elsewhere. Reaction one: Overwhelming support. Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, David Stern, even President Barack Obama congratulated Collins for coming out. Reaction two: […]

Writing as Mom’s eyes, ears

Mom didn’t react well to the adriamycin, or the cytoxan. This was Jan. 4, 2005, a Tuesday. My dad was carrying my mother as they slammed through the front door of our Burbank home. She was having difficulty even standing alone, and so he walked her through the house and onto the bed. This Tuesday […]

Sports fans gain from shared experiences

As I stand on the precipice of never writing another sports article, I can’t help but sense an important part of me slipping away, never to return again. It’s not that I’ve ever considered myself an actual sports journalist, more just an opinionated sports fan with patience for the writing process. Now that a mass […]